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  1. West Ham sign Scott Parker

    Dyer is a far better footballer than Milner will ever be. Really dont think either are up to it at Newcastle but Dyer will probably go somewere and get his career going again. There is a reason for him being so highly rated by managers who have succeeded in the game. Dyer is better at picking the ball up and running with it quite fast but Milner is more effective. Nowhere near it tbh Dyer is a very good footballer who gets on many peoples tits. His comeback and its effect on the team proved that. His performances when we finished 4th and 3rd tend to confirm it too. Milner isnt in the same league. Pretty on the ball but crossing is appalling and despite being 17 years his senior I still think I'd give him 5 yards head start over 10. Nice lad but it gets on my tits when people mention him a someone who is going to come good. He is a young lad with limited ability. One of the key components for the his position(s) in the premiership, sadly for him, is pace. That will always hold him back. Viduka will be fine with the decent players around him. We need some pace and strength in that midfield from somewhere though. Milner was one of our best players this season and one of Villas last season, turned 21 this year!! Much better than Dyer imo. First post after reading for awhile Do not wish to be controversal but how do you conclude that milner is a better player than dyer? surely that can't be right? milner is a player who runs with hih dead down, he has no visin.

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