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  1. Hi all. Like many, my days of regular posts are long behind me but felt the need to come on. Just got back from holiday so playing catch up.


    I only met Jon once, sat next to him at a game vs Blackburn (Roeder's last game). Struck me as a really nice bloke and of course was a great contributor to the 2 boards.



  2. Seems the easy answer to say someone French but id have thought Carr has built up a nice little list of managerial targets for when relevant.


    The 8 year contract was just ridiculous. Even if they sack him its more bad PR and the quotes about stability will get throw in their face. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised to wake up one day to an overnight announcement that Pardew has left and been replaced by a French bloke no one has heard of!


    I don't follow much European football so not sure on any names in Ligue 1?

  3. His tactics away from home this season have been abysmal.


    He's happy to sit back and get pummelled instead of giving it a go and playing to our strengths.


    Totally agree. It's got to the point where it's almost not worth watching because the result is so predictable. If it wasnt for a couple of last minute winners at home we'd be as good as down by now

  4. Shola only hasn't asked for a testimonial as the attendance would be appalling! Remember Rob Lee's? Great player, well thought of yet that game was a non event.


    Shearer's was an amazing night but that's clearly a bit different

  5. I said last year that Cisse reminded me a bit of Coley in the sense of being all instinct and the comparison also extends to spells where he misses a few too many.


    Overall I agree with Tooj - although we obviously need other string options as well.


    Totally agree on the Cole comparison and I've said it a few times. Cisse's best moments for us have been the instinctive finish, put him 1 and 1 or a penalty and he is quite unreliable

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