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  1. No, they still get in if England wins the last test (not likely, though).
  2. Probably, but wouldn't be too hard to blame a former regime
  3. I think India have to win or draw the last test to take on NZ in the final. 2-1 should be sufficient, but I would expect another rank turner so that England collapse and India win 3-1. I doubt they will be tempted to prepare a pitch for the draw, because a match which lasts 5 days could be a lottery. If England are still in it at that stage, it would suggest someone has found the right end of the bat to hold.
  4. I suppose it depends on who is going to be taxed.
  5. I thought Brexit was supposed to sort that sort of thing out.
  6. Fuck sake, we have moved on to ACD and GR now. Keep up
  7. Hospital care doing wonders. He looks much better than usual.
  8. Agreed, but neither Jimmy nor Leach are better than him. As you say, quite talented, but just not doing it at the moment. We can't carry so many bowlers who don't know which end of the bat is which, especially as we are generally one session away from a collapse.
  9. Must have been a short meeting.
  10. I just wish someone would ask a former ManU, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc player whether they would accept their own "team" just managing 17th place each year. Not one of them would, of course, but they get the gigs because they played for a top 4/5/6/7 etc team in the past, which must mean they are good at football. Of course, they were, but punditry is not a case of telling everyone how good you were or how nice someone is, but to criticise when it is appropriate and explain why a team is failing. Not that they are remotely capable of doing anything other than counting their money (a
  11. As you say, not remotely surprising, but FIFA have considerable blood on their hands and getting rid of Blatter does not make the "gift" of the World Cup to Qatar acceptable.
  12. Not sure that Fraser is that interested, frankly, and Gayle has to be the man in the box, not replacing Wilson's role, but that then possibly moves Almiron outside again. Not really sure we have the personnel without Wilson chasing down the channels, which seems the only attacking option which works, with ASM on the other wing and Almiron at 10.
  13. Quoted without comment: Mike Ashley 'asks Rafa Benitez to keep Newcastle United in the Premier League Apart from this comment - denied, of course.
  14. Yes, at my age and immuno suppressed, I think I am in category 2, but that puts me well behind most of the UK and USA, it seems given how long Scomo and his mates have taken for a #worldclassateverything (apart from, of course, getting a vaccine up and running quickly and ensuring safety of your women in Parliament) government. Frankly don't care which one I get. The crappy English one is being manufactured in Oz, so the worst of both worlds
  15. Sonatine? Sonatine? Has anyone heard from Sonatine?
  16. Only if the plane drops out of the air
  17. Good news is that they are starting jabs on Monday in Oz - better late than never, but I anticipate it will be quite some time before I get one. Not quite as crippled as most on here, by the sounds of it, even if I am immuno-suppressed.
  18. You seem to be getting more mellow. Everything okay?
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