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  1. How do you make a young girl cry twice? Wipe your bloody cock on her teddybear What do you call a Welshman with a sheep over both shoulders? A Pimp. What do you call a sheep with a runny nose? Full. Whats the best thing about an eight year old girl? Turn her round shes an eight year old boy. Whats dangerous and eats nuts? Syphilis. Whats the difference between a clit and a mobile phone? Nothing, every cunts got one. How do you get a gay, to fuck a women? Shit in her cunt.
  2. Made the mistake of upgrading the firmware to v2 last night, then read about not being able to play homebrew software after you upgrade! Bollix!
  3. Just had a look and it dosen't have a usb port.
  4. Anyone know if a usb memory stick / pen will work insted of the memory card?
  5. Rap is crap - Look, even I can do it! Word to yo mama. Peace out
  6. Just wondering if anyone bought a psp today? Are they any good?
  7. Think its going to be next week. He's going with the england squad to train.
  8. Its offical! http://www.nufc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsD...~706585,00.html
  9. Was Jermaine Pennant the test case?
  10. Anyone know of any toy wholesalers? I'm looking for someone that deals with hasbro toys. I know its a strage request, but if anyone has a web or email address, that would be great. P.s I have already tried google!
  11. Derek is a rasict prick. Taking the piss out of Anthony's accent. Cock.
  12. So this is the new board then?!?!?! Cheers for the link Jimbo!
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