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  1. k4t0


    Ok, at the risk of offending the fish, I can see clouds outside, how do i know rain comes from them and not somwhere else, how do i know to believe the teachers at school who taught me about how the rain cycle or whatever its called works, if the water comes from the sea why doesnt rain taste salty?? Argh your right, my mind cant cope, im off for a shit in the car park, I will not conform to conventional thinking or this brainwashing any longer. In all reality, no one really gives that much of a fuck to offer an alternate believable solution, other than religion, and those fuckers are crazier than you my friend.
  2. k4t0


    Yeah thats the bit i was hoping he would correct proving his grasp of the subject
  3. k4t0


    Ah now it all makes sense He might be right...doubt it though, very highly, ill take my spoon feeding of common sense over that shit dribble anyday
  4. BUtlins in Pwheglii is having the same impact to local business
  5. k4t0


    Was waiting for him to correct me and prove he does Can anyone summarise so I can get up to speed other than he doesnt believe in any of tv but doesnt know what to believe in either ?
  6. k4t0


    Skipped to end a bit here after P14. Has anyone mentioned that none of these things are up in space and only in the upper atmosphere therefore able to maintain a constant speed to resist the gravity of the earth and stay in the upper atmosphere. In the case off iss thats 17400 mph, slam the brakes on and youll see it pretty well. Unless you talking about Voyager one or two that is, then they used a slingshot method usign the gravity of planets to throw them into space. Just think of it as throwing something forward hard enough so that it never reaches the floor, the science is simple. and they need to be within the atmosphere to achieve it
  7. These mp's expenses are taking the piss. I mean how my local bnp candidate can claim £40'000 for white sheets, petrol, wooden crosses and rope is beyond me
  8. Horrible, awful thing to happen to anyones family.
  9. Fedor would destroy lesnar, take a look at the pride vids of Fedor vs that huge chinese guy (forget his name) its incredible. Yes I think the poster boys of the ufc do get good fight purses, but the majority get a pitance in comparison, hes a good businessman is Dana White you have to give him that. * I think there may also be a link between silly names and hard bastards in the ufc.. Forest griffin, Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar, Wanderlei Silva, BJ Penn, Rashad Evans....any wonder ?
  10. Dana white is claiming Fedor is afraid of ufc and is also not the worlds best to try and get him into the ufc for a lower price, look at what affliction pays, Tim Silvia got 900'000 for being knocked out in record time by Fedor. Ufc fighters get aaround 50k for a big fight. And Alex, I think we'd all be nails with a name like that
  11. Fedor is the best heavyweight in the world at the moment without doubt, anyone who knows anything about mma knows that. Pound for pound is an interesting one though. There are good fighters in the UFC, Bj Penn, GSP, Anderson Silva to name 3 who could be pound for pound as good as Fedor regardless of who they are under contract to. Theres talk of a Randy COuture and Fedor match, but Dana will not pay the wages Fedor wants, so we wont see that, Fedor would likely smash through every Light heavyweight /heavyweight in the ufc. Brock Lesnar would not stand a chance.
  12. Have you ever noticed that it's only 'perfect' people who are murdered or killed in horrific accidents? "He was the perfect son" or "She was the perfect daughter." "Such a tragic accident they were the perfect family." "They died together,the perfect couple till the end." Makes me glad I abuse my kids and beat up my wife. Kind of makes me immortal.
  13. I recently took up speed dating, Or, as some people call it, rape.
  14. k4t0


    Definately worth doing then, mines pretty basic on the extras really, but the msport pack is good enough in itself and the fun you get from driving them is enough to keep you smiling. only other flaw would be that it sometimes feels slightly underpowered to me but I was more used to powerful petrol engines. You can get them chipped and it does increase the power output but its not really needed as the cars nippy enough tbh. Marco Van basten swears by them
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