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  1. memberships

    hey there been trawling the .cock website for memberships best for international members but not really sure what to get as it isnt very helpful. Anyways Im going to be in newcastle for the game against villa and want basically a membership that will guarantee me a chance to get some decent tickets. Cna;t see it selling out but hey im coming from australia and i dont want to miss out! any advice would be great cheers.
  2. Post a picture of yourself as a bairn

    i know alot of people who didnt like him lol, but i just liked him because he was a fair footballer
  3. Post a picture of yourself as a bairn

    Fucking hell, is that Rod Wishart in your whateverthefuck picture sig? lol yes it is...rocket rod possibly one of nsw greatest ever wingers
  4. Post a picture of yourself as a bairn

    hasselhoff n norris are legends...i liked em before their hype reached keyboard noobs! i must admit their image has been tarnished
  5. Post a picture of yourself as a bairn

    lol donny osmond ahh fuck , thats the first time ive been compared to him , mums giving their sons shit haircuts whats with that
  6. Post a picture of yourself as a bairn

    hey im new here...but this is me as a youngen

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