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  1. Foreign managers..

    And the managers they succeeded were Houllier and Ranieri, respectively - neither of whom are renowned as being english.
  2. Michael Owen

    I agree - he can't head the ball for shit, can he...
  3. Souness is our king?

    "ee-aye, ee-aye, ee-aye-oh, up the premier league we go, when we get to Europe, This is what we'll sing! We are Geordies, Super Geordies, Souness is our King" erm - that made me check what i'm drinking, but i heard it on two or three occasions... I may have missed the irony, but that's what beer does for you.
  4. Grimsby vs Newcastle

    superb line, my friend.
  5. Racism in football

    If Shola can play that well in every game, he could be a 20 goal a season guy, and wear the no. 9 shirt with pride. I'm sitting here this morning with a hoarse voice, and it's primarily due to him - if this is the level he is going to play at, i'm prepared to eat my words, and withdraw my criticism of him. oh, and Bez, i can think of so many well constructed arguments to your atttempts at pot stirring, referencing an incident in 1984 is not valid, and a full reply would just legitimise your argument, so i wont.
  6. This is why JJ went to london

    Someone gets stabbed at a party Jermaine Jenas attended. Bummer. But how you can use that as a dig at Souness, i'm not entirely sure. Please elaborate.
  7. Bellamy - fairs fair

    Bobby Robson has stated several times that Bellamy was the worst player he's had to deal with (or something along those lines - and he didn't mean ability wise)
  8. Bellamy's Reaction

    only on a technicality. The accepted version of the Arsenal game is that he was told he was going to be playing on the wing, and faked an injury to get out of it. At least Dyer had the bollocks to tell Bobby he wasn't playing on the wing - Bellars wasn't man enough to stand up to Souness and say that the man was tactically inept, and would be wasting him on the wing. pretending to be injured is tantamount to refusing to play, only in a more cowardly way, tbh.
  9. Bellamy's Reaction

    Bellamy on the pitch, in his preferred role, is a threat to any team - see Italy, Wales vs. His finishing isn't in the same league as, say Henry of Schevchenko, but isn't Shola standards either. He's like a little jack russell, always running about, causing chaos and pissing off the opposition defence. However, judging by comments made by him on sky (rooney-gate, plus the arsenal match), plus the court case for assault, which are fact, he's an annoying arrogant self centred little prick. If you add to that, the reported incidents - the throwing a chair at John Carver, the texts, faking an injury, telling new signings they'd signed for a shit club, then the picture is slightly worse. would i like him to be playing for us? yes. luque, owen, bellamy in a 433? nice! do i think he's a disruptive influence? yes.
  10. Bellamy might be injured

    It would be aye is Shearer got sent off they scored the penalty and we lost 1 - nowt!!! 34620[/snapback] The best thing of all happened - we won 3-0 and Bellamy was a laughing stock. (F**k 'im- ) Actually - it was the good guys that won, the white-hat wearers stuffed the bad guys and the yob hirelings of evil Boss Hughes were left cowering out of sight....(you can tell I've just watched a 50's western, eh ? ) 34900[/snapback] Who kicked Bellers upside the head after Boum flattened him? i p*ssed myself watching that!.
  11. Stephen Carr...

    Hang on, does that really mean we got £7m for a headless chicken?
  12. Luis Boa Morte

    Coleman's man-management skills are rather worrying if that's the case. 31153[/snapback] Random Rodney Marsh story: When playing for England Sir Alf Ramsey was giving his pre-match teamtalk and announced "Rodney, if you're not playing well I'll have to pull you off at half time", to which Marsh replied "That sounds interesting, boss. At Manchester City we just get some oranges and a cup of tea." That was his last cap for England. 31157[/snapback] i'd heard it as a joke about how we came to sign John Barnes...
  13. The Big Day Today

    Did you see the question afterwards? "is Michael shacking up with you? Are you charging him board?" The two of them were chuckling away to themselves there. -=Edited for early morning grammar=-
  14. Luis Boa Morte

    Boa Morte is a good-ish player - he could certainly be cover fir the LW berth, but would he move to us as a squad player? Fulham have thrown everything at him, two new contracts in six 9 months, the captaincy and probably a promise to pull him off during the game if he's feeling a bit jaded. I reckon the LW/FL position is the best deployment of luque, and rather than a new LW, but another new striker - Tevez ? now, if we were to end the season, in europe, with tevez / owen / luque in a 4-3-3, i'd by shepherd a pint in the strawberry. I reckon my pint is safe tho.
  15. Luque a doubt for Saturday?

    G14 starts legal fight with Fifa Europe's elite clubs are suing Fifa over the issue of the release of players for international duty. The G14 group wants Fifa to provide insurance and compensation to clubs for players who are injured while representing their countries. It says Fifa's regulations are an abuse of the body's dominant position. And G14 has backed Charleroi's fight for financial help after Abdelmajid Oulmers was sidelined for eight months when hurt playing for Morocco. Oulmers tore ankle ligaments in last the game against Burkina Faso last November and was subsequently out of action for the rest of the campaign. Charleroi paid for Oulmers' surgery and his salary even though he was unable to play. Fifa refuses to recognise or negotiate with the G14 group. The case officially opened in the Charleroi Commercial Court on Monday. G14 argues that Fifa's refusal to contribute towards players' salaries - even though clubs lose money when they suffer injuries in international matches - is illegal. "As it is G14's wish to seek a once and for all clarification if these regulations are legal, it is sensible for us to join this case," said G14 general manager Thomas Kurth. English clubs Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal are members of the G14 group, which has 18 members. 30633[/snapback] I was under the impression that England already did this - i'm sure i remember something about Jamie Redknapp being injured whilst on england duty and the FA being saddled with his wages for almost a year.

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