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  1. midweek games are the same for me here. 8pm kick off = 3 or 4am here! 12 kick off is bloody perfect though!
  2. I don't get how you guys find all the players to follow I can never seem to find them.
  3. Ben Arfa pisses all over Marveuex christmas tree and everyone knows it! Marveux is not that good really. Its weird how you wank yourself stupid over players who are not really that good.
  4. I have calmed down a bit now. I think the reason I was a bit annoyed is the game didn't kick off till 1am, and didnt finish till about 3am. I had to be up for work at 7am. So I guess I was really annoyed with that more than the result.
  5. I don't think we will, no. I think it is just because of the fixture congestion. If they did however it would be a pointless exercise in entering the competition.
  6. Gosling and Obertan are dreadful. Whats the point of getting into a tournament like this and not giving it a go. I seriously hope we don't play a reserve team every game, or I doubt we will even get through the group stages.
  7. is yours in english, if so could you pm me too mate, can only find a foreign one.
  8. I would still find a place in the team for Jonas. The work rate he puts in is incredible and helps the team out more than he is given credit for.
  9. I would but they just changed the channel to a different game. Trying to find a new link now. Seems like it is Belgian football he has turned to. RCSC 0 1 Club if anyone knows who the hell that is?
  10. can anyone pm me the link please. I found one but it keeps asking me to download something that looks pretty dodgy. God knows why. Thank you. i found a link.
  11. According to the BBC West Ham will sign Maiga for 4.5million. Be interesting to see if he does sign how well he does for them, after he failed a medical here.
  12. Went to watch the sunset today. actually I think it is not straight a little bit. The sunset was nice though.
  13. Yeah its good. It is much nicer than the mango beer.
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