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  1. We should have a thread about it tbh. 80372[/snapback] THERE'S an idea!
  2. 56177[/snapback] 56179[/snapback] 56181[/snapback] 56182[/snapback]
  3. FUCKING HELL!!!!! I am walking on air!!!!!!
  4. SSN said talks lasted 5-6 hours 21771[/snapback] Probably the actual talks lasted 5 seconds ("No, I won't join Newcastle.") and they started playing cards and eating pies afterwards... 21776[/snapback] HAHA I don't agree with your opinions on here, but that was a fuckin funny line!!
  5. And what the hell has he done? So he's had a good start to his career. Sorry but that doesn't make him a good manager. If we are to take that type of gamble, we may as well give the job to Shearer. 21646[/snapback] Well he's no more ridiculous than some of the suggestions on here, he's already got premiership experience and he's spent fuck all. I think he has the look of a determined manager and he wouldn't be asking the mega bucks that other candidates might be. Just remember, for every Arsene Wenger, there's a Christian Gross.
  6. Still, our fans are the best in the world! The atmosphere at SJP is incredible! So intimidating..... .......to our own fucking players
  7. What a ray of sunshine you are 21307[/snapback] Sounds like the majority of people on here!
  8. I believe Shepherd is probably making enquiries about other managers. He's hardly going to advertise the fact though is he!? I believe that with Souness we will finish in the top 6. Not very good considering, but don't forget that in Bobby's first 2 seasons we finished 13th and 11th.
  9. Do you think you are likely to get a good manager a:In the middle of the season when good managers are in the middle of a contract having spent the clubs money OR b:During the close season when people are open to new opportunities?
  10. If you don't try you don't get. 21149[/snapback] The fans had lost faith in SBR. His results were terrible at the start of a new season....do you see where I'm going with this? Then to appease the fans they sacked him and realised, oh shit, no good manager is going to come in the MIDDLE OF A SEASON. It looks disorganised. So O'Leary, Bruce, McClaren, et al turn us down and we END UP WITH SOUNESS. In order to look like a club that even half knows what it's doing, a club should ride storms and regroup in the summers. SACKING SOUNESS NOW would just start the whole fuck
  11. You Sir, are one of the sanest people on this forum! Great post
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