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  1. I think Shearer is a big gamble but its one we have to take because if its not him, no-one will the same force of personality or position of strength with the fans will be appointed. We need a manager with the ability to take on Ashley et al and get the club sorted out. Noone else is going to come in and go straight on the offensive against their boss. Getting the most out of our playing resources is not priority number one for our manager this time. As for Shearer's performance so far, all I can say is that it absolves Hughton and Kinnear of a *little* bit of the blame thrown their way. I
  2. Maybe a a bit less bollocks written about the Toon on slow news days.
  3. His assessment is mostly right, but let's face it, he must have okayed the Souness, Roeder and Allardyce appointments and the purchase of Luque, Owen, etc. He ultimately jumped ship without leaving much of a team or structure in place, or really giving a fuck.
  4. Aye he's a classic modern example of someone not giving their all and wasting what talent they had. Wouldn't mind Coppell like personally, though it may take a presence like Shearer's to force the club in the right direction.
  5. Logic-wise a lot of folk have reservations, but there's no need to put the blerk down. Three promotions with three different teams, all in a season or two. Got England into Euro and was two minutes off the second round before that mong Neville dived in. Got Newcastle higher up the league than anyone could have hoped, and made that big stadium we have possible. Established us as a team that can sign much bigger names than before. That's not failure. The big criticism you can make is that he jumps ship when he feels like it. You don't have to pay him off though.
  6. Does anyone have the big Photoshopped one of Peytar Reid as a chimp? It used to be at "www.monkey-heed.co.uk" or a similar address.
  7. Liverpool away would have been worse, but that's still a terrible draw. It's also a pricey day out for the lads. Midweek an' arl. At least Cudicini will be out of practice. And Zoggy vs. Glen Johnson....
  8. In a football-crazy city, there's bound to be lots of interest in the next manager. Instead of using this as an opportunity to acknowledge or thank the fans, he just slags them off, in what seems like a slanderous manner. What a twat! Perhaps he feels that a backhanded dismissal of Hitzfeld is necessary because he knows our next manager will have nothing like the same pedigree. Anyroad, I wouldn't blame the campaign. If anything, they've allowed FS to show his true colors once again. There was no journo in disguise catching him offguard this time.
  9. With Henry out maybe Arsenal should have bought him. If any team can play it on the deck to Owen, its them. Chelsea play a lot of long ball to Drogba. With Viera gone, maybe they should have been interested in Parker as well. Still, that's two good players to us.
  10. Sounds about right to me. On paper we've got a good side. Until that appears on the pitch though, it's Amdy Faye. A panic buy to provide extra cover for the AOB/Bramble jokeshop in the absence of a functioning Butt, I hope. That's the only logic I can come up with. The other signings have been generally okay when they play, though it's always been "but we've got this on paper". One things for certain, GS can't get much out of a weakened side.
  11. http://www.100centuryfm.com You have to sign up but its dead easy
  12. The biggest either/or for most people has been Beckham and SWP, but both linked up well yesterday. It was a rare bright spot. El Becko in the middle sprays it about nicely, only he's not going to win the ball. Hilarious though it sounds, the England team yesterday could have been improved by dropping two of Chelseas for two of ours. Lampard for Parker and J Cole for Owen with Gerrard stuck out left. If Sven wants to piss about with fancy formations, he should do it so we sort out the left side once and for all. Downing is probably too green, so a wingback type role for Ashley Cole seems
  13. Parker for me. I don't think our defence was too bad last season, it's just we lost possession so easily that they were under the kosh too often. Parker doesn't give it away and fights like mad to get it when we don't have it. Moneywise Parker for JJ looks an absolute steal. I don't know why Liverpool didn't buy Parker. He'd be a natural replacement for Hamann who's getting on now. Villa giving Milner match experience (he's still wors) while we get decent delivery from the Nobster is also great news. Michael Owen too, what a turnaround!
  14. Here's a link to a video comp someone made of Young Michael banging them in to get you excited. Half of them seem to be against a certain team in black and white.... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=41ZP98FX
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