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  1. You have been
  2. 56177[/snapback] 56179[/snapback]
  3. Notherners may have chip on their shoulders. Southerners have "french fries"
  4. KM......You're a prick:
  5. Owen keeps the club's profile high. That's worth shitloads.
  6. What, fans with a sense of humour and a positive outlook aren't welcome? 23136[/snapback] Fair enough, but if you're trying to suggest you're funny I'm going to have to take issue with you 23139[/snapback] OK. 2 jokes. Q: Why do women wear make up and perfume? A: Cause they're ugly and smelly Q: What's brown and runny? A: Kelly Holmes 23143[/snapback] Aye, he's not funny.
  7. He questioned the man's ability He doubted he had the knack But before he knew it He was on the floor With a face full of balls and crack 22519[/snapback] 22520[/snapback] I'm glad I don't drink where you do!