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  1. RAWK probably has more match goers posting there than any other Liverpool forum on the net I'd say. And we pissed people off babbling on about the 60s, Istanbul will be talked about for generations mate
  2. He's got longer than that I reckon, he's only 25. Got another 10 years in him probably. And if he keeps scoring 20 a season which he almost certainly will then that'd put him on 300-400 career goals at the end of it. I cant see him leaving you lot for a while yet because a) I cant see Rafa wanting the hassle of Owen for a 3rd succesive year and Newcastle will qualify for Europe I think even with Suness in charge
  3. Benitez wanted Crouch and Owen. Wasn't to be. Pleased for the lad he's still doing well and he is top class but don't get all smug about it when one team could call themselves champions of the world tommorow morning and the other is mid table. England fans who are the biggest two faced twats when it comes to MO are the ones that annoy me. No left foot, no pace, no height my arse
  4. All here mate http://www.contrast.org/hillsborough/history/media.shtm
  5. Because the club are happy to sweep it under the carpet into the history books. Granada refuse to show the Jimmy McGovern docu-drama again too. Plus it's also not helped when nobheads across the park have advertising boards around Woodison Park advertising the s*n Some progress being made though http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/merseyside/4455838.stm
  6. Beating Leverkusen who had walked into the knock out stages, the champions of Italy, the Champions of England and the runners up in Italy lucky draw eh? Funny how absolutely no one gave us a prayer in any game we played after winning the qualifier. Jesus, I'd hate to see what a tough draw would be like. But yeah we were lucky throughout. Xabi fully deserved his booking at Stamford Bridge for having the audacity to allow Gudjhonsen to hold his shirt and haul him to the ground. Saviola's goal in Monaco was ball to hand and the Graz AK player who got booked twice but not sent off was unlucky not
  7. Hope you dont mind me doing so meself. Would be good if a few away fans would pop into the shop, always more than welcome and appreciated
  8. Evening all, some may remember me from earlier in the season just after the Owen transfer, some may not Weird how a couple of months can change everything eh? I gotta admit I thought Newcastle would be a lot higher than they are at the moment, even GIVEN your injury status which is pretty DYER. Sorry. Great win against Arsenal though, think you guys can push on after that or will it be same old same old? Worth putting a fiver on a win at West Ham this weekend and Owen to grab the winner? I'm surprised (kinda) how little he's played this season especially considering how he's only been a '
  9. Posted a similar thread in general about Birmingham City. Fookin disgrace.
  10. Aye fairplay to Charlton. I think Fulham and Villa have also done promotions like that. Can't wait till the BSkyb bubble bursts.
  11. I think a dad & lad could get a cheap return flight to Madrid, watch a game at the Bernabeu and come back at just over what it costs to goto Stamford Bridge!
  12. Any idea how much Birmingham Shitty are charging the geordies at St Andrews this year? 42 notes for us on saturday to go to that shithole on a saturday morning when the game will also be on tele and boozers round the country. In recent years we've filled whole ends at places like Blackburn and Villa for crappy worthington cup ties before christmas yet there are still lots of tickets left for this saturday's game and it's going to the general public tommorow. And to top it off I see David Gold rambling about ticket prices and attendances this morning. Forget 451, 442, 118 118, when will th
  13. Lads, the worst thing is both of us teams finished below that shite. Everton in Europe. ARF!
  14. Probably a bit mixed but mainly good. The whole ground got up and cheered when it was announced over that he had just scored his first goal for Real last season. Just like Newcastle fans are the best and most deserving of a trophy in all of football eh
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