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  1. very good owen article by koptalk.com

    Aye, clearly Rafa's best signing so far, and he's yet to fulfil his potential.
  2. very good owen article by koptalk.com

    Yeah it was a bit annoying that he didnt at least give Rafa some time, but then he never made any secret of wanting to maybe play abroad some day. I think he regretted the relatively low fee we got for him. Also as flagpole says, it's rumoured that Rafa instigated the transfer.
  3. very good owen article by koptalk.com

    It is true. I think it's partly because he has always had a lot more character than Michael and was, in his short-lived prime, a better player; and also because Robbie's a scouser who we know would never even remotely consider playing for Man Utd - we don't get that impression with Owen. I do think though that considering his contribution to the club he probably deserved a bit more singing than he got.
  4. Hello lads (and ladies..)

    Without turning this into a Liverpool discussion lol, there was always the belief that Owen & LFC had things sorted and all that was needed was some patience from both parties to get Real to lower their asking price (which is why Owen came out last week saying he'd only move to NUFC on loan). I think it became apparent that Real Madrid weren't prepared to budge since Newcastle's huge offer was on the table which led us to basically saying we can't afford him. Both Monaco and Marseille have said they wanted Cisse and Rafa didn't really do anything to stop the speculation. 23621[/snapback] That's true, and slightly worrying too. I wanted Owen back, but not at the expense of Cisse. Hope Rafa's not looking to get shot. But you're right, we don't want to turn this into a Liverpool discussion forum.
  5. Hello lads (and ladies..)

    Hi, another Red here...was just reading your board out of interest and decided to post. First off, congrats on getting Owen - while not a solution to all your problems, the bottom line is if you give him chances he will get you goals. He will also raise the profile of your club and who knows, might spark something of a resurgence. I must disagree very slightly with my fellow Kopite about our board's conduct during this transfer - we did and do have the money - the Cisse stuff was just journo fabrication. There was no way in a million years we were going to pay double what we sold Owen for a year ago, as that would make us look like complete mugs. I don't believe Rafa in any way intends to let Real screw him around in the transfer market anymore after the initial Owen transfer and the Figo deal.

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