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  1. Its time all you stupid fuckers, began to shut the fuck up. What a load of planks. Get behind the team , get behind the manager. Worst of all don't boo after a match, we look like an retarded strike force. This hasn't been our year , we will bounce back and it will be under a new manager. That is a bit of a formality, considering there is two games to go, whats the point in getting a new manager now. He will be gone in the summer. So stop saying 'fuck off roeder' thats all you stupid fuckers say.
  2. Handy way to get rid of them before you pick up the new one from the club shop. haha fucking genius this guy. Great post. 7/10
  3. See if Liverpool get Tevez this summer, instead of us. Someone will be hurt.
  4. For fuck sake , that is pathetic. We are so bad its untrue. Teams like blackburn are beating us, they are nothing but a pub-team made famous. Glenn get out your magic book, and jot down some ideas , because if you don't win today, you are indeed a gonner.
  5. Nice research heres a scooby snack.
  6. they are too scared to upset anyone...I wasn't figuring on getting many replies but cheers If you weren't such a melter people might like you.
  7. Just wnat to make a shout out to irish_mag. He is the most underrated poster on here. By the way this is coming from a long term poster, my patience is my virtue.
  8. You watch your lip son. Ok lets see, we can get good money for a player who ain't really that good. Wheres the problem in that. Then we can bring in a good player e.g Nani
  9. Im getting fuckin angry. This city bunch have as much quality as Carr's left boot. For fuck sake give these mancs ago. We will never get Allardyce now.
  10. I noticed Liverpule are at it aswell,in the champions league game with Chelsea Don't think so. They always bring their scraves to big champions league nights.
  11. Boys, we need to put this season right and by doing that is getting rid of the players who under perform week in week out. Look at big Antoine, id keep him for years the guys heart is in the right place , and he carries the likes of Butt, thats a bit harsh i take that back.
  12. Don't drink Skol mate its well diiiiiirrrtyy. Plus its only 3 % what yeh a little pussy boy.
  13. I am sorry but the guy is just not good enough for a club like ours. Everytime he gets the ball i think he is going to stumble over it or give it away. If we sell him this summer we can get good money considering he has had some lovely strikes this season. That will be enough to allure the likes of Bolton and what not. The time has come to push the button. Can't beat down a tryer, wherever you go James i will always be looking out for you.
  14. Magic words and unlikely seeing as Roedent is holding the purse strings. Best news i have heard in decades. Now we can bring in Alex from PSV. Chelsea would be happy to hand him over to us.
  15. We already proved that we can sign world class players when we bought the 6th best player in the world on Obafemi Martins.
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