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  1. Appreciate your thought here.....

    She doessn't ahve to be whiter than white though. There another 20-30 of her grade who he has worked with who could have helped. She was not obliged to help. That's the point. She just 'knows' him through work they did together years ago so he approached her as a 'friend'. It's all bull-shit as far as i'm concerned.
  2. Appreciate your thought here.....

    The guy she's 'helped' doesn't even work in the same organisation. It would have been easy to say no. She was not 'obliged' to help him. He doesn't has hasn't worked for her. She should ahve f*cked him off there and then.
  3. Appreciate your thought here.....

    Appreciate genuine thoughts from folks. Here's the scenario. Your in a relationship and it's been going well for about a year, maybe longer. You work in the same dept as your partner who is of a senior grade. You have been invited for interview for the same grade (on promotion). Now, competion is fierce. There were 196 applicants for 6 jobs across 4 regions so there might only be 1 or 2 posts in Newcastle. The shortlist of candidates of which i am one is 30 in total but you understand that your real competion is working in the same room/dept as you but that's not a problem. Here's the crunch. Your partner, despite you having an interview next week and whilst she really wants/needs you to get this job for all of the benefits of extra money, moving in, etc, etc has arranged to help someone who is in DIRECT competion with you for one of the posts. When i say 'help' has spent an hour going through a mock interview and another hour telling him exactly what the panel are looking for in interview (we know the questions before we go in). Your partner hasn't told you that they had arranged this. This person is competion. Have i lost the plot here? I can't even return her calls. I literally feel a little betrayed. What if he gets the job by 1 point as a result of her help and i miss out? What then? I expected her to say to him 'sorry, my partner is in for the same job and i really want him to get it, there's a conflict of interest, hope you understand but good luck'. Have i got that wrong? The majority, in fact i think all have said 'what the f*ck'? Why has she done that? Why would you do that? Surely you protect your partners interests? What if he gets the job and i don't? What then? I say to her 'oh well done for helping geting that fella the job, shame i missed out and i still can't afford to move in, share bills and a lot of other things that restrain the ability to move in. I super f*cked-off here. Worst i have been in a long long time but worry i've blown this out of proportion but it's really battered my head. Not for a minute to a think anything is 'going on' either. Is this just mis-placed loyalty. I can't even concentrate on preparing for my interview, i'm so f*cked-off that she's done this. I just can't get my head around it. Appreciate thoughts. JJC
  4. Depression

    I have to admit, about 18 months ago i was completely oblivious to what 'depression' actually was, what it meant for people who had depression, that it was a real illness that severly affected, not just the life of the person suffering, but the life of loved-ones, family and friends and those around the sufferer. That was until my Dad was diagnosed with 'clinical depression'. It seemed he'd been depressed for years but that it had worsened for no specific reason. My Dad's recently remarried (about 5 years ago), has a great house/car, great wife, his kids are great and so too are his grand-kids, he has no money troubles or worries, basically, pretty much what we'd all hope for. And then one day i got a call on a Saturday evening, my dad was in the garage (it had 2-floors, the garage was built in 1890s had had this 'pully' feature with rope) and had the rope tied around his neck, perched on this ledge and the emergency service, his wife, brothers and sisters trying to talk him down. Proper nightmare. I got there and just hoped for the best. He was talked down. I understood in that instant that i never knew what depression was. Dad's had copious amounts of medication, to try and find something to give him the correct 'balance'. It's still being worked on. He's since taken an overdose but was found in time. He's even been sectioned for a small period. You worry every day that your gonna get a call. It hard. I get fucking annoyed when i hear ignorant c*nts say, you're minted man, what's wrong, your wife's great, you've got a great job, or take a holiday. I think i used to be like that but i now see my Dad every week, as much as i can, just you never know what is around the corner. Oh, and my Dad, he's one of the funniest, craziest, best blokes ever to be around when he's on a high, a real good guy, it's amazing the change when he's down....i'm gonna stop, feels like i'm about to write an obituary.
  5. Budgies!

    Ajax, who's the fucker in your avatar? Been fucking me off for fair amount of time now. To the extent that i should know but don't and when you post, i feel like smashing the house up. Frustrated.
  6. The make up a joke thread

    What's brown and sticky? A stick. A stick that i've used just f*cking used to bluedgeon my Dad to death with for touching me for the past 37 years. Someone phone the police. He's not breathing. Sorry Mam but he deserved it. Come and visit me in prison where i'll most likely spend my time get repreatidly gang-raped by some massive eastern-Europeans. Don't ask me to sit down or take a seat.
  7. The make up a joke thread

    Dad: 'Come on son we're going to a chicken farm today Boy: Why? Dad: So you can get your filth fowl cock out you littel c*nt.
  8. The make up a joke thread

    Son: Dad, why is my name Lloyd? Dad: Because you're mongoloid
  9. Right, i've been in a situation, i'm seperated, girl i met is nice.....been serious for 2 years......all is good......but...her daughter is fucking mental. I'd rather the Excorcist kid than this one. She's known me for 2 years and she's a fckn ****. Ill disciplined fuckin shit. She's 9. Her fathaz a cunt. Shud i fuck off. I have a bairn, she's same age, an angel, well brought up, a diamond. Fucked basically?
  10. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

    Tell her that you're a hermosexual but you'll compormise if she accepts being the man with guarentee of hard-core anal from heronin, on tap, on demand, ass-to-mouth, to compensate.
  11. CVs

    Basically, chap, it's bollocks about managing teams, leadership on decisions, accoutability, managing risk, etc, etc. If the competece was tailored more towards sucking-off fat sweaty-hairy-arsed gadgies in the bogs at lunch-time, for nowt, i'd have no problem getting something down on paper but as it is, i'm struggling.
  12. CVs

    This post bears no relevance to the title of the thread but i'm working on a competency based job application and there's one competence 'Leads from the front' that has got me fucking absolutely pummelled 110%. Spent too long on the form i think. Got some good examples but i've reached saturation point like a just wanna cut and paste from some other dweebs cv and can't see a 'model' answer on t'inter. Fuck it.
  13. Bob Dylan

    If Dylan has a good voice he'd be f*cking shit. Positively 4th Street is where it's at.
  14. For those of you not in a relationship

    Why not just rape her, that'll give her something real to be miserable about. Alternatively, take her out for the evening, you know the deal, have a meal and a few drinks....lure her into a false sense of security, prey on her vulnerability, make her feel happy, get her back to yours, get the wine out, tell her your going to the kitchen to get a cork-screw, come back and when she's turned away, thrust a 12" bread-knife into the side of her neck.
  15. For those in relationships.

    Does your place of employment have a swearword filter or have you just worn out your the * on your keyboard? Not sure...but why don't you suck my fucking cock you faggot knob sucking prick of a cunting nonce?

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