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  1. Bolton Wanderers vs NUFC

  2. Bolton Wanderers vs NUFC

    Anyone youtubed it yet?
  3. Newcastle Utd v Celtic Glasgow

    Yes you can be the first bastard.
  4. Newcastle Utd v Celtic Glasgow

    I'd sub him at half time, because this is NUFC and you know if he continues playing like this he will get injured 2nd half!!! Your sadly right. But I'd love to see him actually do something. For once.
  5. Newcastle Utd v Celtic Glasgow

    Half time. Looking promising Luque for a hat-trick?? Or am I asking too much?
  6. Newcastle Utd v Celtic Glasgow

    3-0 LUQUE Whats going on!
  7. Newcastle Utd v Celtic Glasgow

    Luque!!!!!!! 2-0
  8. I-pod help I am desperate here!

    Like I said I know nothing. I appreciate the help
  9. I-pod help I am desperate here!

    Any furthur information on this??
  10. I-pod help I am desperate here!

    Righto here is the problem my I-pod has decided it wants to break funnily enough it's also lying to me! It says plug into computer and restore using i-tunes i have done this several times and it just isnt working! Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Away Strip

    I really like that first one it is very different. good work.
  12. Away Strip

  13. Sampdoria Friendly

    Get a picture posted I am too god damn lazy!!!
  14. Skunkers ITK he say part deux

    The season in Spain has just finished, as has the season in Italy. Transfer dealing there is already starting. Whereas in Germany where the pre-season training of most clubs is starting in the next couple of days/weeks the majority of transfers have already been done (and Bayern not only signed Toni but also Ribery, Janssen, Sosa and a couple of players earlier for more than 50m Euro altogether - with Hargreaves going out). Yeah Ribery was mentioned too it just slipped my mind for a moment.
  15. Skunkers ITK he say part deux

    Me and some mates had a conversation about this yesterday. Why is everything so quiet i know its only mid june but normally theres one or two big transfers gone in. We thought of Toni's, Parker and Barton transfer but everyone seems to be going for free Roberto Carlos, Viduka for example. I heard that Juventus had bought a player for 7.5 million euros/pound but i had never heard of him and also Inter Milan buying a Hondurian striker never heard of him. I don't like this nothing happening and just cricky on the television it's doing my head in. Rant Over

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