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  1. maybe from the way he prances around the pitch like a fairy?
  2. maybe he was just missing ambrose!
  3. what do they deserve then? a pay rise? 29287[/snapback] Only if they're called Kieron Dyer. 29304[/snapback] nah his pay rise wasnt for playing badly, his was for being injured all the time, i think that earns you more wages than playing badly.
  4. what do they deserve then? a pay rise?
  5. Well, you need £60 plus taxi fare then don't you? 29175[/snapback] Fuck that. 29176[/snapback] Is your mam picking you up then? 29179[/snapback] Why not? I dare say I might just leave Newcastle and save it for my 18th. 29181[/snapback] wednesday was always the best student night in newcatsle as ar as im concerned. Its when all the sports teamsplay so there always out and about. Always loved a wednesday, plaently of fit lads/lasses depending on which way you swing. Never had a better night out than wednesday the whole time i was at
  6. totally agree, 1 nil was apathetic result. I think svens problem is that he has too much talent. He thinks he's playing football manager and just picks his 11 best players without actually think about how well they will play together. I erckon souness will start doing this now n all. Just chuck them on the pitch and expect them to gell! GERRARD AND LAMPARD DONT PLAY WELL TOGETHER!!!!
  7. to be honest i dont think he will be playing, he'l have to improve massivly to get a game in spurs midfield!
  8. just before we signed owen there was a boro supporter on NO saying how we should all be gutted about not getting viduka n how we would never et a striker of his ability, just wondering if he is around cos would like to know what he thinks now! Owen or viduka? tricky!
  9. Aye, they played together at Fulham. Always thought they were a bit too similar in playing style. 27281[/snapback] Just remembered I think I got them a bit mixed up before. We will need at least two midfilders in January I reckon, and someone to take away Faye from us.27286[/snapback] so we need a miracle then?
  10. Well, I'm surprised you're being so thoughtful on their behalf! If it wasn't football, I'd agree with you, but Villa are directly competing with us for a European spot and the Worthington Cup. 27261[/snapback] Wow, what decade you living in? 27275[/snapback] Ok, Carling Cup, Milk Cup, DD Cup, Whatever-the-fuck Cup, League Cup, You-know-what-I-mean Cup. 27343[/snapback] the thing i find quite hard to belive is when people say the only thing he's missing from his game are his first touch, a decent cross and a bit of pace. Howay man think about it, tha
  11. love it, pity he probably wont even make the bench tho cos by then they will have realised he isnt any better than the 29 centre midfielders theyv already got.
  12. nah the wheels would fall off and break his leg or something!
  13. A mate of mine (who knows nowt about football) went to the ground yesterday and said there was quite a few chants about jenas but she couldnt make out what they were saying. She said it was sounded something like 'jenas saliver' anyone know what was being chanted?
  14. If i wanted to go to the pompy away game but not on the bus, which airport/train station would i use?
  15. What the hell was attractive about Robert? He looks like the bleeding village idiot. Stick him in a jester costume and get him to do that silly dance he did when he scored and he'd look the part. 26603[/snapback] ooo i loved that lttle dance. He was gorgeous, loved it when he had that cheeky little grin on his face just after he had scored. ooo that sounds quite rude,
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