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    ADMIN wtf

    The other day I made a post about people changing their opinions when they start paying Tax.You altered it to "Giving BJ's for a packet of Fags".After speaking to other BM's I hear this is far from the first time. WTF is the point of having a Forum if your going to alter posts.I won't be posting again.
  2. Well he's just been cleared.Not like you to get anything right .Fucking Noall
  3. Ain't it sad .Altogether now. Flip Flops in the bin--------(sung to the tune Candle in the Wind)
  4. its a shithole a bit like Middlesbrough
  5. There's probably something in what you're saying, but you're still a cunt. 149951[/snapback]
  6. The judge only hammered them because they killed a Queer,and they were white. The Racist Cunt
  7. I'm glad the cunts dead,and as for Hookie we'll see him turn to jelly when we hand him over to the Yanks
  8. They're all foreigners, BURN THEM ALIVE [/LM] 130015[/snapback] Then send the Fuckers Home
  9. The last incumbent left these in the desk draw I think there Monica's
  10. "Bitter Bitches" ? Are you a sodomite !!
  11. Rule Brittania by The Massed Bands of the Household Division
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