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  1. Newcastle v Rangers

    Hopefully the Manchester Police will be drafted in for the Huns game. Im sure they have a few scores to settle with the old Rangers. Folks of Newcastle enjoy the Rule Brittania, No Surrender fest
  2. Gudjohnsen keeping options open

    That would be top notch, heres hoping.
  3. Champions League Draw

    what are you reffering to?
  4. Champions League Draw

    Don't Count Us Out. Well actually, maybe you can, but we'll give Barca a good game at home, and we'll have a good party in Catalonia, win lose or draw, unlike our city neighbours who see fit to deficate on Civil War memorials.
  5. Damien Duff

    Hopefully he will be able to stay fit, and get his confidence back.
  6. The Official Allardyce out thread

    i said at the time I was not a fan, and I stick by that.
  7. ITT: Defend Obafemi Martins

    the sooner him and Owen are away from the club the better, and if theres any room in the taxi take Allardyce with ye
  8. Dirty stinking mackem bastards

    I'll wait until there is a proper manager in charge of Newcastle before slagging that shower
  9. NUFC v Derby County

    Oh FFS Do you trust him to spend money in January, I certainly don't.
  10. Graeme Souness

    As a Newcastle fan, and as a Celtic fan, I can honestly say that he is one of the filthiest reptiles ever to have graced God's earth.
  11. NUFC v Derby County

  12. Newcastle United Vs Celtic

    It's a very popular name ye know
  13. Newcastle United Vs Celtic

    Agree dude
  14. Man Utd's Brown keen on Newcastle move

    A joke of a player, seems to have developed a reputation for absolutely nothing. Its a joke that he played at RB for England the other night.
  15. Liverpool's Bellamy wants Newcastle return

    What is with this board, cant there be any thread about someone irish or welsh without someone being labelled 'fenian' or 'taff'

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