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  1. Newcastle v Rangers

    Hopefully the Manchester Police will be drafted in for the Huns game. Im sure they have a few scores to settle with the old Rangers. Folks of Newcastle enjoy the Rule Brittania, No Surrender fest
  2. Gudjohnsen keeping options open

    That would be top notch, heres hoping.
  3. Champions League Draw

    what are you reffering to?
  4. Champions League Draw

    Don't Count Us Out. Well actually, maybe you can, but we'll give Barca a good game at home, and we'll have a good party in Catalonia, win lose or draw, unlike our city neighbours who see fit to deficate on Civil War memorials.
  5. Damien Duff

    Hopefully he will be able to stay fit, and get his confidence back.
  6. The Official Allardyce out thread

    i said at the time I was not a fan, and I stick by that.
  7. ITT: Defend Obafemi Martins

    the sooner him and Owen are away from the club the better, and if theres any room in the taxi take Allardyce with ye
  8. Dirty stinking mackem bastards

    I'll wait until there is a proper manager in charge of Newcastle before slagging that shower
  9. NUFC v Derby County

    Oh FFS Do you trust him to spend money in January, I certainly don't.
  10. Graeme Souness

    As a Newcastle fan, and as a Celtic fan, I can honestly say that he is one of the filthiest reptiles ever to have graced God's earth.
  11. NUFC v Derby County

  12. Newcastle United Vs Celtic

    It's a very popular name ye know
  13. Newcastle United Vs Celtic

    Agree dude
  14. Man Utd's Brown keen on Newcastle move

    A joke of a player, seems to have developed a reputation for absolutely nothing. Its a joke that he played at RB for England the other night.
  15. Liverpool's Bellamy wants Newcastle return

    What is with this board, cant there be any thread about someone irish or welsh without someone being labelled 'fenian' or 'taff'
  16. Big Sam Big Arsehole

    Pre- season games are not about the results people. They are about conditioning and getting raedy for the new season. Saying that, it's nice to see some encouragement
  17. Newcastle United Vs Celtic

    I was talking about a more general slagging match. As I said the people who took this game seriously and got upset about it are having a laugh. You're right It was a testimonial and the majority of Celtic fans only go for the craic anyway. There have been many people who said they will not be going on account of what happened. Imo They will not be missed, and I look forward to another cracking day out.
  18. Newcastle United Vs Celtic

    Seriously, a lot off fans were pissed off by what happened. I wasn't one of them myself, I hardly seen any of the game as I was too busy getting the old Discoland going Bookmakers were taking bets on the game, and I think this is where a lot of this came from. We can only beat what's in front of us btw. Dont start a slagging match please, it's not worth your while
  19. Newcastle United Vs Celtic

    I was taking the piss tbf, being Irish myself, it's just the illiterate twat who doesn't like the Irish. Anyone know when tickets will be going on sale for this? Suck my balls patrick How long did it take you to think of that. Haven't you got a BNP meeting to go to knuckledragger
  20. Newcastle United Vs Celtic

    Yes, well live in hope. But unless there were some absolute top drawer names then I'd doubt it. There will not be too lareg a contingent from Celtic, perhaps only 4-5000 afetr the Shearer game, when many fans were pissed off at the ending.
  21. New era or same old story?

    Personally, I would have preffered another manager to be in charge. Few of us are privvy to the goings on behind the scenes, but I would have liked to have seen a move for say, Hiddink for example. In saying that Allardyce will no doubt bring stability, and hopefully will be able to bring some respect back. My two main worries are that we end up playing a similar type of football to that of Bolton. And Allardyce has no proven record of spending money in the transfer market. I hope these fears are unfounded, and look forward to future success
  22. Madrid in for a Robben

    Theres worse ways to spend £14m if that figure is correct
  23. Newcastle United Vs Celtic

    I was taking the piss tbf, being Irish myself, it's just the illiterate twat who doesn't like the Irish. Anyone know when tickets will be going on sale for this? I shouldn't think tickets for this would be a problem. Celtic ticket office will prob get as many as they can sell. I'd very much doubt a sell out
  24. Newcastle United Vs Celtic

    Nice to see fellow necastle fans dont like to use stereotypes, and jump on bandwagons eh 'irish wankers' 'fenian wankers' For the rest of the true fans who are interested in having a good knees up, this will be another good day. Shearer's Testimonial was class. Think yourselves lucky rangers arent coming, boarded up windows arent a good look
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