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  1. You wouldn't want him ahead of Ameobi, Xisco and AWOL Martins?
  2. They slagged him off and put abusive (and childish) poems about him on the website, why exactly should he meet with them? thats not half of what i would have done , and as life long fans , they had every right to meet him . nusc is backed by a large portion of paying fans who have every right to say things how they see them and demand a meeting with the fat cunt . Isn't the membership around 150? Out of 52,000? They called him every name under the sun then expected him to jump when they clapped. Why exactly should he meet them? I think the economy is a bit shit, theref
  3. They slagged him off and put abusive (and childish) poems about him on the website, why exactly should he meet with them?
  4. What, like the play-offs in 1990?
  5. Did anyone actually find out what you get for your £10 then? Is it a scam or not?
  6. I was mortified (fnarr) the first time I saw that and I agree 100% with Dan. Whether he wants to be a fan or not, he has to realise he cannot be a fan in that sense. It would be prejudicial to everyone's interests as we need his business head on and nowt else. Hopefully that period will come to an end now as he's going to be forced to knuckle down on the managerial appointment. From that point on, everything at the club will have his hallmark (Jesus can't avoid the Chairman references we've had so many) and he'll be accountable for everything that happens, success or failure. Hopefully h
  7. Hasn't been released yet. I await your review Luke. The second it is out I'll be sitting phone in one hand, kleenex in the other
  8. For the record, Chelsea are one of the few clubs in the league who don't accept returns - you take your allocation then if you fail to sell out, tough shit, the club foots the bill for the remaining unsold tickets. The initial 1,500 allocation is for the upper and lower tiers of the Shed End corner, and if you take the full allocation you get part of the East Stand to the side as well, but these tickets cost £55, not the usual £45-48. When we played them a few weeks ago the club contacted all of the branches and asked how many were likely to be going and decided to only take the initial 1,500,
  9. You need to be on the club database (i.e. have bought tickets before) to get one.
  10. Aye caused by you inbred, fuckin genetic problem, fuckin no racecourse, no airport, no mainline train station, city but no cathedral inbred bastards.
  11. We played them last pre-season. Absolute hell on. The terracing behind the goal is class though
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