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  1. McCarthy is better than what they would get to replace him
  2. i think rooneys attitude in general has changed over the last few weeks...he has'nt been gobby to the refs,no clumbsy tackles,not spitting his dummy out...this can only be good for england,i think if he keeps his attitude right for the world cup theres no reason why he can't go out and play his best ever football!
  3. Rooney was the best player on the pitch i think,he made the most impact and was unlucky not to bag a hat-trick,his pace for such a well built boy is fantastic,imagine wayne rooney surging towards you at 100mph,pretty scary!
  4. i'd rather have bowyer in all honestly petrov may be a good player up in scotland,but its a completely different kettle of fish in the epl.
  5. SWP will just have to do i suppose
  6. he would be well worth 2 million,but when spurs were interested in the summer anderlecht would'nt budge from 7 million asking price
  7. if he left chelsea which is doubtful,im sure he would go to a team with a bit more ambition than spurs..someone like real madrid,barcelona or ac milan etc.
  8. I'm going with a 1-0 win and owen getting the goal,i don't want to get to over confident cos' they are in the situation we were in and they have to get out of it like we have the last few games,so i expect it to be a battle!
  9. bramble,babayaro,bowyer,moore and luque all still out
  10. emre 8/10 - changed the game single handedly taylor 7/10 - solid as usual parker 7/10 - solid
  11. Do you mean this one? I think it makes him look like he's got a belly, probably due to the white sleeves next to his midriff. 43857[/snapback] that emre one looks good and the hoody he is wearing on the website aswell,that top parker is wearing makes him look like he is having his annual picture taken for summer camp!
  12. if they have a toddlers section you would at least expect them to put some more stuff in wouldnt you!!!
  13. what in toddlers size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the kind of top i want to get my son too but they dont have that style clothes for toddlers,takes the piss!!
  14. Luckily lawro wasnt about, i can't stand his voice,real ear bleeder!
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