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  1. [Today's puzzle completed 1 Min, 53 Secs]
  2. Johnson was the top English goal scorer last year & wasn't picked, remember that was in a relegated side. Bent has been in awful form so i wouldn't call it 'beyond baffling'. Interesting choices, I agree Reo-Coker should go ahead of Jenas or Hargreaves (Though he's meant to have been in good form at Munich).
  3. [Today's puzzle completed 3 Mins, 13 Secs]
  4. [Today's puzzle completed 6 Mins, 38 Secs]
  5. I got the first 5 in about 3 minutes then another 10 for the 6th
  6. He'll probaly take 5 if he's going to gamble on Rooney. Owen Rooney Ashton Johnson Defoe
  7. Owen & co can look forward to plenty of crosses rolling along the floor and into the side netting then. Hope Ashton gets called up, Rooney won't travel.
  8. It's being reported he's going to Villa now but i wouldn't be suprised if he came here.
  9. http://www.jimmyjump.com/cont/main.php?id=3
  10. There's about 15 at 33-1 on Oddschecker Most frequently Sven, Pearce, Venables, Graham & Houllier.
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