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  1. goldie

    Claim to fame

    no wonder the biatch took out a restraining order
  2. goldie

    Claim to fame

    I swapped spit with sue pollard in a pub in york not sure if thats a claim to fame or a claim to madness
  3. goldie

    BT Home hub

    Been looking at thees as I might be moving and cable isn't an option there, are they shite? Whats that BT vision like? Any ideas anyone? sorry forgot to say its just the hub itself that's shite but you can still use your old router.
  4. goldie

    BT Home hub

    Hmm, I have put mine upstairs then use an ethernet connection from it to the pc. Of course the extension to whenre it is would could some slow down, but I still cant get my head around the fact that my last modem and 1GB connection was getting me pretty much the same speed? having the hub next to tv is for bt vision. just try swapping back to your old router and do speed test again. Like i said in other post let me know your number and i will talk you through it if you want.
  5. No probs wouldn't have bothered me having my misog face on here ....might not be the same if on GAY monthly though
  6. goldie

    BT Home hub

    Bt vision is ok if you can get it but it again depends on how far you are from the exchange and you also have to have your hub in the front room near your tv.
  7. goldie

    BT Home hub

    Probably the best thing to do is do a speed test with hub and then swap back to your old router and check again. At least you can then rule out if you have a faulty Hub as they are known for being shite. Are you getting any other problems on your line like noisey phone calls? Whatever you do dont report it as a fault untill you've checked everything as a bill for over £100 want cheer you up. If you want me to talk you through everything to do just let me know and i will mail you my mobile number. Lol dont worry I'm not a spotter its just what i do for a job.
  8. It's only because i haven't shat on there carpet...... Yet !!!
  9. Well i do sniff my arse and lick my balls daily However my clame to fame is not being the dog/bitch off blue peter. However if you want me to come crap on your carpet just give me a stella and a dog chew
  10. Haha hellooooo mate toplass rounded me up...... Put an Ad in shedlife monthly. how you doing ? you off to Stan soon ?
  11. She was at B&Q sorting out a new shed for an upcoming drinking session oooohhh and getting her hair done as well. you have to look right to get entry to the sheds
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