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    Hi Everyone I have just joined this forum to tell you about a new website that I have just set up, www.freethefixtures.com. The aim of the site is to allow fansites and fanzines to publish their teams football fixtures freely. Currently Football DataCo Ltd sells licenses to 3rd parties allowing them to publish UK fixture lists. A license to publish a single team’s fixture list costs £266 + VAT, an amount that most fan run sites simply can’t afford. Football DataCo is owned by The FA Premier League and The Football League, it is a profit making company. FreetheFixtures.com wants fans to be able publish their team’s fixtures freely without the threat of legal action. Please visit the website and sign the petition. The petition will be presented at a later date to those responsible for charging fans to publish fixture lists. We would also like to produce a list of fan sites and fanzines that support the petition. If this site supports our cause could a moderator please email us at support@freethefixtures.com and we will add you to our supporters list. Please visit the website and spread the word on other football websites Thanks Admin FreetheFixtures.com
  2. FreetheFixtures.com

    Thanks for the support, could a mod please email us so we can add the site to our supporters

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