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  1. Just got a very excited phonecall from Mark

    love the idea of them in blu bambu, so im willing to believe
  2. Dyer

    as someone who recently broke their foot i would not wish this kind of thing on anyone hes not Hitler....
  3. Thursday transfer gossip

    He's starting for chelsea at the moment we'll never get him bentley we have a shot at i think he means for england not for us My point still stands I disagree, i dont see him leaving Blackburn for anyone other than someone in "big four".
  4. Thursday transfer gossip

    I would definately play Bently, hes underated. If Mclaren is happy to beg Carrager (sp?) to play for England after he spat his dummy, then he should be man enough to pick Bentley, when all he did was be overly honest.
  5. Sheff Utd are set to sue West Ham

    They should just move on. It was their own fault for concentrating on West ham when they should have tried getting points.
  6. Bung clubs are named

    He is very closely linked to Souness. During his time at Blackburn he made alot of deals with the same agent.
  7. Gazza

    Well, i would much rather he pulled himself out of it and lived a normal life, but that doesnt look likely
  8. Gazza

    No, it isnt. Thats an excuse. More often than not alcoholics are people with addictive personalities, if it was not alcohol, it would be something else. Would you say people who are criminals have a disease? how about people with social or behavioural problems? they are all in the same bracket. They are not diseases, they are personaloty weaknesses, that they need to address, control and work towards learning to cope with. this is all pretty deep for my first few posts, but its a subject i believe in.
  9. Gazza

    from reading both his autobiographies he blames everything on everyone else, but does nothing about it. For example he had about 3 car crashes with jimmy 5 bellies when he was still in the Newcastle Youth team. All the therapy has kinda of given him an excuse. All this alcoholism is a disease etc is a way for addicts to shift blame from themselves, when they only have themselves to blame. He will be dead within the next 10 years, mark my words

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