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  1. Zathras


    Discussing a rebrand, I saw these online and thought they weren't bad. We'll see when they end up with a new crest, as I'm sure they will in the next few years. Meantime, I will probably go with the 70s crest, but if we win the Champions League I'll get Monkey's Fist's version on the other shoulder.
  2. Zathras


    Getting a couple of tattoos done this upcoming week. Planning on doing an NUFC related one. For whatever reason I don't want to just do the current crest. Thinking of doing the old style one, though. Any thoughts or suggestions? Secondarily, which of these was actually used? I've seen them both on varying sites. The one on the right would be simpler (read: cheaper) to tattoo, but if the one on the left is more accurate to the club's history, it will give me something to think about.
  3. One of my all time favorite football songs is one we used in 2006 against Italy: (To the tune of the Oscar Meyer Wiener jingle) Oh I'd love to be a f***ing diving wanker That is what I'd really like to be For if I were a f***ing diving wanker I could make my home in Italy
  4. It's a fair point, but they've literally lost twice in 43 games, whereas Ecuador and Uruguay will qualify having lost six times each during qualification. Hell, Peru might qualify with more losses than wins. CONMEBOL has the largest margin for error in qualifying. Africa has the least, then Europe. Edited to add: To be fair, the conditions in South America and Central America and the Caribbean can be really extreme at times. I do not think European teams would fare tremendously better than most of the South American teams traveling to Quito, La Paz, or Mexico City.
  5. They've lost two games in the last four years and won the Euros.
  6. I absolutely loved the 1994 Italy squad. Baresi, Maldini, Baggio, Zola, Costacurta, Albertini, Donadoni.... Never really liked any of their squads since then as much. And actively disliked them in 2006 and 2010. Still, I want the World Cup to have the best teams in it, and there's little debate that Italy is one of those teams. One of the reasons I think there should be fewer spots for Asia, CONCACAF, and CONMEBOL.
  7. Only word that came to my mind as a reaction was "fucksticks." Well, on reflection, "fartnuggets" works too
  8. Once again I will be able to watch *most* of the first half and then have to go pick up the kids. Pain in the ass. (And a road hazard when I have the commentary on while driving).
  9. Right. I'm pretty pissed off about this result now. More than I would have been had we lost comprehensively 3-0 as I initially predicted. Dammit. Been out chopping ice for an hour and still haven't worked through my aggression.
  10. Problem is they'll get the one(s) that counts. Got to head out now, will finish the match on delay this afternoon. Cheers, lads!
  11. Nice pressing, but not sure that's going to be a winning long-term strategy here
  12. I'm fine with the rotation. He's not punted the match, but it's far less important a fixture than the Everton game coming up.
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