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  1. Hi

    what the hell am confused now like,first we talking about me site and now its gone a bit random www.toontalk05.tk do you have GFX forum here
  2. Hi

    i seem to get members who join and don't post but post onece a month
  3. Hi

    i do have a premier leauge forum just in case i get other members who don't like newcastle
  4. Hi

    this forum is doing great for not many fourms but my members prefer to have more i need a few people to join any help with that fellow geordies
  5. Hi

    thanks for the comments but i still need members shame i spent time on it and no members this site looks succesful enough any help i also have mod posistions cos i need members don't mean to sound desprate
  6. Hi

    you think yrs is low on members mines low and i worked hard on it and i'm also a graphics designer and ade the banner
  7. Hi

    looks nice but low on members
  8. Hi

    so hi everyone and any comments on me site
  9. Hi

    Its is a place that has just been started up again after a long spell out.it's a nice place and we are friendly staff. we would like you them to check out both of them. toon talk i hope its not spamming but this forum looks great and mines down on members hopefully check it out and i might hang around here

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