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  1. ***Official Blackburn v NEWCASTLE Match Thread***

    Firts half he was beyond shite as usual, no control, no passing, noi brains, no positioning and no ability to tackle or head the ball. Second half he had a few good moments, doesn't diguise the fact anybody who picks him is a moron. A young kid on the wing and Bowyer in the middle was the answer as it happens he got away with picking a liability in Faye this time. 34760[/snapback] Amazing how people see things different. I thought Bowyer was absolute dross compared to Faye, but of course it's fashionable to give Faye stick isn't it, as Souness bought him. 35055[/snapback] Souness also bought Parker, Emre, Owen, Luque & Solano so I guess they're all in for a hard time too..... Poor Nobby, he'll probably regret coming back now! 35061[/snapback] Have you missed the thread where people are saying that N'Zogbia is twice the player Luque is then? 35063[/snapback] I didn't.... But then technically N'Zogbia could be considered a 'Souness signing' seeing as the court case wasn't settled until after Souness became manager!

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