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    Did you get the pics howaythetoon?? I sent them in two different emails. I think i registered on your website under the name 'Mighty Toon Army' but just add me as 'Howay Man' so people know who i am from site to site. Cheers

    Aye send them in, howaythetoon_nufc1@yahoo.co.uk BTW why can't you register? Cheers 51799[/snapback] Il email them to you tomorrow night when i have more time on my hands. When i try to register it says "no throw away accounts", so i presume that means no hotmail accounts etc, so i tried my uni email and it said i will recieve an email to activate my account but it never came through.

    i have pics of west brom away (one of them above) if you want them howaythetoon for newcastle online, but your site won't let me register (they are better pic quality than the one above)
  4. Anyone going tomorrow?

    We're any of you's that were in the wigan end get thrown out yesterday. There seemed to be a geordie in their end, who got thrown out at the start of the first half
  5. Owen's pace

    Is it just me, or does any one else think owen has lost a couple of yards of his pace. Yetserday he seemed slow to react to nearly every ball that came to him and it didn't look like he could burst past defenders the way he used too.
  6. Northern Ireland V Wales

    Aye, they might have went over the top a bit but at least they backed their team. I haven't seen a home british crowd like that for many years. It seemed as though they had all their singers in one end, behind the goal. Wouldn't mind seeing a singing section at st james's with everyone who wants to sing in one end too create a better atmosphere, but it will never happen
  7. Northern Ireland V Wales

    Thought this game was a cracking advert for football. Probably the best match i have watched this season. Not many world class players on view but the game was end to end and full of attacking football. Also the Northern Ireland fans were terrfic, just a pity st james's wasn't like that.
  8. Ameobi

    I know ameobi is awful, but after Shearer and Owen he is our next best striker or should i say only striker. I don't think chopra will ever prove to be upto nufc standard and i actually think ameobi offers more than chopra does.

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