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  1. Speaking as someone who invested in a season ticket at the start of this season I can say I'm proud to have been there yesterday. It was great to see that many of the empty seats filled again. We are the greatest.
  2. Something I saw last week which may be of interest. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/05/22/ir35_tax_revenues/ I've recently gone the ltd comp route. My accountant has advised that rather than taking minimum wage from the company and the rest of dividends (which HMRC will not like) pay a sensible salary and take a dividend once or twice a year. That way, you're less likely to be investigated. The extra 2.50 an hour will have to go towards paying the extra contributions you make as a ltd company, namely Employers NI contributions and corporation tax.
  3. You dont need your supporter number - just use your email address instead of your number and it lets you in.
  4. Thanks for the post. Might go for the EB's and will deffo bulk buy. The strings that are on the strat now have seen better days and the G and B strings seem to have gone very black already. I clean the neck and strings after each time I play but remember those strings weren't as shiny as the rest when I recieved the guitar. Plus I've got a problem with rattle on those same strings (although thats probably more likely to be down to me). Think I'll change them as soon as I get them.
  5. T-Keith - 3bitbob mentioned you advised him on which guitar to buy and he went and bought one - not long after I bought my first guitar, a fender strat. I've practiced with it every day since november and I'm getting better day by day - he hasn't touched his guitar for 2 weeks. tsk tsk. Anyway, i need some spare strings but cant find anywhere on the net that will tell me exactly what kind it needs. I'm looking for Fender Super Bullets as this is what it came with. Its a 2007 (I think) Mexican Strat with Maple neck. Any Ideas which gauge I need for the guitar. TIA
  6. sky HD 52quid pm virgin 20mb - 37quid pm Virgin phone - 15ish quid pm
  7. MarkyMark

    Would You?

    the thing with most blokes is that they often fancy a bit of something different. My mrs is brunnette so I sort of have a thing for blondes at the moment. So I can see where Mr Cole is coming from. And into.
  8. my back fence blew down and lost a few tiles off the roof - rang the insurance company this morning and they told me there were no storms in my area last night so wont be sending anyone out. Time for an argument methinks as this is the 2nd time they've tried this line.
  9. MarkyMark

    Would You?

    honest answer - yes. I'm highly sexed and like blondes - wether genuine or not.
  10. If your at BPV you can ring building 8 and see if they have them - you might be able to collect them. Although to be honest, you have more chance of catching the Queen in the act curling one out before ever seeing them again.
  11. 2 of the cleaners did this at our place this morning - wouldn't care but the two of them helped fill the lift to the point where you have to breath in. Fuckers.
  12. If you are changing your address and phone number the transfer will take approx 10-15 days. If you are changing address and keeping the same number the transfer takes approx 15-20 days. These times are set by BT as the transfer involves a BT engineer visiting your local exchange. Straight of the Tiscal (read shite service provider) website although like it says, its BT who dictate this.
  13. more likely to be a dead motherboard. If he has managed to get 2 of the pins to fuse together or even plugging the mouse in when its powered up can do this. Do you get any beeps when turning the machine on or does it just power up with nothing else (fans whirring, hard disks spinning up but nowt else?) If it is the motherboard, its a major pain in the tits to diagnose. Try switching it on with everthing except the monitor disconnected and post back here what happens.
  14. There's a bloke in Westerhope with these massive black and white striped curtains...... Maybe worth a look.
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