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  1. Just finished first year of a three-year Maths degree at Newcastle Uni.
  2. Yeah, I'm a student, it's only till I finish my degree in in 2 years. I don't think I'd like it as a career.
  3. Hi I am due to start work in Coral bookmakers soon on a part-time contract and I just want to know how I will find the first day? How do they get you into the swing of things where operating the computers, etc. is concerned..answers are much appreciated, thanks...
  4. Hello, I am currently studying a Maths/Stats degree at Newcastle University and I was just wondering if it is possible to do work experience over the summer. I want to work in the financial sector and so far, every site I have been on (HSBC, RBS, etc.) say that one of the entry criteria is that you must be in the pen-ultimate year of your studies, although I am an first-year undergraduate. Does anyone have any useful websites which I can visit? Thanks in advance
  5. I dunno if this is the same guy, but I was at Haymarket with my Iranian friends (I'm half Iranian myself) after we'd finished Uni and this guy just came down the stairs and started calling my friend a 'Black little runt' and constantly started saying 'you people call this town your town?' and 'have a fucking banana you black bastards'..I wonder if this is the same fella..Glad if it is, the little cunt should get a fucking job.
  6. I love Caesar's Kitchen in Chester-Le-Street...fantastic Pizza shop!
  7. I think you're mixing him up with David Dunn. 163961[/snapback] Maybe I am, but I swear it was because of Duff's lifestyle as well.
  8. Didn't Souness fall out with Duff at Blackburn because he claimed that Duff's lifestyle was too eccentric for the club, and sold him to Chelsea?
  9. Bloody hell, were these people picked from those who won the golden tickets from the Kit Kats? If so, trust one of the winners to be a tranny
  10. In the East stand, 3 rows from the front, on the right hand side of the halfway line.
  11. I know you shouldn't celebrate in death and the way in which they behaved at the misfortune of the soldiers was adding insult to injury to say the least. But you can understand their frustrations. I guess they just want their country back, and, let's face it, our boys haven't been the best behaved in Iraq, have they? I'm talking about all the beatings they've dished out to innocent civilians, etc. I even heard about one case where British soldiers forced a poor young Iraqi lad into a river at gunpoint and forced him to swim, knowing fine well that he couldn't swim to save his life. Then there was the desecration of the Qu'ran..... If you ask me, we've got Saddam out of power, now let's let the Iraqi forces do their jobs. Our work is done.
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/e...rem/4957922.stm Hmm...?
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