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  1. Basically, I'm not really sure of what I'm doing so I'm wondering if anybody else has gone through Viagogo for this game before. There are no tickets left for the mixed sections on the Fulham website, but there are quite a few on Viagogo, however despite signing up on both sites, it's claiming that I'm not a member and therefore can't buy any tickets, but I'm sure I've signed up for everything possible at this point as Viagogo recognises I'm a member of FFC in my profile. Driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Any word on Krul, Colo and Taylor yet other than "may return"?
  3. Comparing it to this from Google: It would appear so. I really didn't have those down as Ks. Mystery solved. Cheers.
  4. I was going through a cupboard yesterday and I found this old thing. I can see Terry McDermott on the top right, then I'm 95% sure that's Peter Beardsley on the left, but I can't figure out the third one. Anybody got any ideas?
  5. Surely it isn't a coincidence that TVs are shaped more similar to a football pitch in this modern era?
  6. https://twitter.com/#!/Benarfaofficial He links to that one on his website, so yeah, it's official.
  7. Showing hatred towards somebody because of their skin colour is worse than a little scratch.
  8. If we can beat Man Utd 3-0, then we can beat Spurs. They're an inconsistent side that has been grinding out wins in a similar, yet superior, fashion to us. It should be a good game and we can get something if we have luck on our side.
  9. I hate Ashley as much as anybody, but if Cissé performs and we carry on our run, this could be a turning point.
  10. It is a key game and should be entertaining. I'm looking forward to the African goalkeeping masterclasses, personally.
  11. There's nothing wrong with being arrogant, but if Pardew thinks Ben Arfa has more to show and the best way to get it out of him is by constantly challenging him to improve, then that will be why he isn't starting. I'm not saying he's right or wrong, but he's in a better position to make that call than we are.
  12. That's based on years of watching him in France. All you have to do is watch him baiting Diaby as a teenager to see it that there's that side to him.
  13. Let's not go around pretending we know players inside-out because of a few quotes. Ben Arfa is clearly an arrogant, little fuck. He'll be starting every game soon enough.
  14. How come with other players, like Loven, Obertan and Perch, they get 'they were fantastic for us, done a real good job' and HBA is getting this shit? Different players require different treatment. If Pardew thinks Ben Arfa's head will get too big and he'll stop improving, then he's going to keep challenging him to do better. It's all relative.
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