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  1. Thank christ for that, he was an awful shower of shite if ever I have seen one. Carr motoring towards exit Jun 28 2007 By Paul Gilder, The Journal Stephen Carr Stephen Carr's position at St James's Park last night appeared increasingly precarious as Sam Allardyce pursued two players whose arrivals would leave the Irishman facing a bleak first-team future. A manager whose interest in Olympique Marseille's Habib Beye is established is understood to have opened talks with Geremi, the Cameroon international who, following the expiration of his contract at Chelsea, has
  2. 'He can shove them up his arse and fuck off for nothing' tbh
  3. Cobblers man. Shrewd business. Once Ashley fully owns the club he can get shot of Freddie if required, so what if he has to buy out a contract? The man's a billionairre. Do you think weakness get's you £2 billion? Brilliant news I reckon. The end of the beginning.
  4. Trevor Sinclair still going ffs? Hurry up and get your cab license mate.
  5. I disagree with this. If 30 or 40 thousand average fans announce there fervent displeasure by not showing up/paying for say the first month of next season, then surely the PLC will have to move to mollify the malcontent masses? If they KNOW we are witholding our support deliberately then surely they must act? Consumer blackmail, innit?
  6. Then, perhaps, just perhaps, the board might kick Freddie out for mismanagement? Am I walking in a fantasy wonderland?
  7. I've lived in both cities, both are great for different reasons. Melbourne deffo better in many ways (weather for a kick off), but Newcastle has a unique feeling if you're native, whether any other city has the same feeling for natives I'll never know. Whenever I'm back in Melbourne it feels like home, but not in the way the toon does. Anyway, I live in London now so I'm clearly a twat.
  8. if it's a 'gift' no tax applies? reference anyone?
  9. the crack the beer - canna get Best Scotch anywhere these days. stotties, aye. me fatha. the feeling of coming back is worth the journey alone.
  10. WOW Never quite believed this would happen. Does this mean my shares will be automatically bought out? No more FFS! gerrin! Where's Leazes?
  11. Now that's the first decent explanation I've heard for what's going/gone on with him.
  12. Can you please get the toon to win the world cup for you as well?
  13. confidence, needs a run in the side.
  14. LUQUE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stick your confidence up your arse and fuck off for nothing while you're doing it.
  15. milner is looking impressive. we've come out with real porpoise this half.
  16. cobblers mate. two decent crosses, everything else he has TOTALLY fucked up. Looks like the team are trying to give him the ball as much as possible which is great to see but he keeps giving it away or trying the absurd.
  17. 'newcastle now level, just as they were at the start of the match'. Were they? Are you sure mate?
  18. siiiiiiibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeee!eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  19. everyone making mistakes. wtf is going on?
  20. luque's mostly fucked up everything he's done. we should give him a good run in the side. sore finger!! FFS! put him out of his misery the sangria swilling, siesta snatching oaf.
  21. hoof it up for sib man, he's pacey as fuck.
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