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  1. Fletcher is a good prospect. He has scored 13 goals for Hibs this season. Technically good(unlike our other strikers), can hold the ball up( unlike AS), isn't a midget(like our other strikers) and has an eye for goal(what do I say). However he is still developing and is very young. If he was one of two striker signings I would be happy but not the sole one.
  2. NUFC buy/sell thread

    I'd get rid of Barton and Rosenahl. Would anyone pay anything for them though I wonder. I'd get in Scott Brown and Arshavin
  3. Nicky Butt

    I think Butt was excellent last season and I would hate to lose him. The occasions when he misplaced passes mainly happened when another inept player passed back to him when he was already marked or rightly did not expect the ball to be given back to him. He put in a huge effort in every game I saw him play in. Some people just cannot see past his first awful season here.

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