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  1. I haven't been around these traps for what seems like years but from what I remember you lads were always fairly informative.... Anyway I will finally be making the journey to the UK in early January from a one month holiday and Newcastle is part of the itinerary, specifically the West Brom match on the 18th. So just a couple of questions: - good place to stay for a couple of nights? - nightspots, I'm a professional drinker... - tickets for the match, will it be possible through a public sale? If not, how will I go about geting a couple? - obviously things to see and do in town?
  2. I jumped on the bandwagon in 95/96. Great decision.
  3. I loved his book, one of the strangest things I've ever read. Find it very hard to believe he is employed as a pundit.
  4. I jumped off the couch, fell foward and smashed the glass coffee table
  5. It seems to me that Keegan issued an ultimatum, Ashley gave him the arse, Ashley realised that decision was completely against the will of the fans and is now trying to save face by releasing that statement. By Ashley I also include Wise. That useless little gnat is power hungry which is why he and his cronies got so involved in transfers and in trying to undermine Keegan. If anyone gets shown the door I hope it's that waste of space.
  6. Don't laugh man, Owen and Viduka would make an awesome partnership - in the treatment room....
  7. Thought he was out there for TalkSport? Fuck if I know how he ended up on our tellie, but the bloke won't stop wanking over Liverpool. It's insane. He has barely even mentioned the fact Milan are playing too.
  8. You'll never guess who's commentating on Aussie TV... Stan Collymore! Dogging.
  9. I'm kind of torn. I don't want Milan to win because they shouldn't have even been allowed to play in the cup this season, but I don't want the scousers to win because.... it's the scousers. So I'll be hoping the kick the shit out of each other.
  10. If he's the man to steer us in the right direction, we could play in fucking bin sacks for all I care. I doubt very much he'd put us in his own clobber when we're getting a shedload of cash from Adidas for wearing their kit every week. Exactly what I thouhgt, it would be better off for him and the club to keep the money coming in from adidas then use his own company and brandings to pay for sponsorships and uniforms. So don't go panicking people.
  11. They'll be packing them off to Oz next They'll think they're in heaven. They won't need a peice of paper for the right to watch TV. And they'll avoid all the shite on your channels. (although the pay off there is they'll have to put up with our shite instead)
  12. I can't believe you can get sent to the slammer for not having a TV licence
  13. That seems a bit steep, but then it's probably about the same as how much we pay to fund the ABC through our taxes. Still, it's all a bit odd
  14. I was just reading an article on the Beeb website and came across this paragraph taking a swipe at Portuguese media "For journalists accustomed to police and court reporting in the UK, the Portuguese system is like a hall of mirrors. Because nothing can be confirmed on the record, rumour and speculation proliferate." And like that doesn't happen in the UK
  15. Just a bit of paper. You need one if you own a television to watch television. The Beeb are funded by it because they aren't allowed to show ads. It's a good thing imo as no one else makes some of the programmes like the BBC. It is a bit of a strange concept I suppose. It is a strange concept. The ABC has no problems re government funding and has never shown adevertisements. How much is it?
  16. So there's no such thing as free TV then? Obviously our taxes fund the ABC but we don't need a 'licence' for it. Is it like a driver's licence, where you get a card saying you're eligible to watch TV?
  17. My question is... What the fuck is a TV Licence?
  18. Might as well just buy the whole Aussie national team. They are all brilliant.
  19. Kevin Bloody Wilson can eat my Dirty Bloody Arsehole. (see what I did there? Fantastic stuff....) We do have some pretty good comedians, you just have to search long and hard for them.
  20. Because the pain of leaving you again would be too much to handle. What are you doing with yourself these days anyway? Oh, and Dave Hughes is still an annoying little cunt. Saw him live tonight and the second half of his show he mentioned that he was rich now about six times. That and he name dropped all of his friends and honestly didn't know where the hell his show was going. There were periods that he honestly said out loud that he was talking crap and he didn't know what to say. Stephen K Amos though was awesome, saw him later in the night and he put all those negative feelings t
  21. Anything related to Poll is hilarious. The guy is a top 0.5% moron percentile. But yeah, there's not really anything wrong with this, as someone else said it's the same as a player being given a final warning.
  22. You've been home and didn't tell me? Shattered.
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