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  1. Charlotte


    A certain not so beautiful school situated on Saltwell road Thought you looked familiar. Not in a stalkerish way, I'm just good with faces. Aye same, don't think I went to school with anyone named "Ayatollah Hermione", Probably actually know who you are if I knew your name..
  2. This thread is full of comedy, should give Michael Mcintyre a ring
  3. Charlotte


    A certain not so beautiful school situated on Saltwell road
  4. Don't knock night owls i'm a big fan I've worked 8-5 all week I think I deserve a bit relax, back to work tomorrow, and by work I do mean sitting on my arse browsing the internet most the day.
  5. Harper first choice, Forster on loan and Krul on the bench, simple.
  6. Charlotte


    Aye something like that Picture on my profile now, i'm no oil painting but who gives a flying fuck
  7. Been out and about in my mates car, had a run and a bath now its time for bed.
  8. http://www.usc.co.uk/Adidas-Logo-T-Shirt/0...pd.html?cgid=WC Starting my running/training again on monday so bought this to wear with my joggers.
  9. 1/1/97 Newcastle Vs Leeds, we won 3-0. I also found a love for Leeds United on this day.
  10. Charlotte


    Too many girls are scared to do/drink/say things encase it ruins the image. I'd rather be who I am & know that people like me for me. Hardly any lasses my age from school like football, but its my passion. So while there wearing 20 layers of makeup, pretending they spend their spare time watching shite like Jersey Shore, I will be having a pint, watching the football and having a laugh with my mates. You probably wouldn't get the blokey impression looking at me but hey thats who I am
  11. Charlotte


    Well life would be boring I only drank things that people class as acceptable, I like the taste so i'm going to drink it
  12. Charlotte


    Newcastle Brown Ale is by far my favourite alcoholic beverage, but I also love Vodka & Orange which I banned myself from as I could polish it off way too easily. Not much of a big drinker now after a few years of serious binges.
  13. Just updated to the latest patch and finished my first season with Newcastle, Finished 9th I think, Screenshots to come.
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