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  1. Keith Harris on 5 Live

    Paddy Power are quoting 12/1 now
  2. Keith Harris on 5 Live

    My 25/1 relegation bet still looks like good value then
  3. Sir Bobby Robson passes away age 76

    Thank you Bobby for so many superb memories of a game you were so passionate about. I should stop reading the tributes, the first and last time Alex Ferguson's words will leave me in tears. "for me, he was the special one." Well said Sven.
  4. 01 Aug 2009 - English Championship - Relegation - Relegation Newcastle @ 25/1 Stake : £40.00 Estimated Returns : £ 1040.00
  5. 25/1 relegation odds. Very long for a club that is obviously rotting slowly. Worth a punt.
  6. Ashley has outdone himself

    It has links with existing football businesses, including a current Premier League club. Surely there is a conflict of interests here?
  7. Ashley has outdone himself

    Relegation odds are 11/1 for next season. Thats a really good return. Perhaps Ashley is running some secret betting consortium from the Cayman Islands?
  8. Mike Ashley puts Newcastle on the block

    It really comes down to how much debt the club is actually in. If as said above Ashley is willing to write off the 100mil loan then a club with a 52k seater stadium seems a bargain for 80mil. But it's not that simple is it?
  9. We won't be relegated darlings

    Our odds on going down have now reached the stage where the arthimitec is difficult. Time for an interim, interim manager? oh dear
  10. Hillsborough

    Thanks for that Craig It's still totally incomprehensible stuff. At least the dickheads involved football at the moment aren't accountable for manslaughter.
  11. What exactly has JFK done wrong?

    Compared to Mark Hughes and Roy Keane he is doing a great job.
  12. 'We are ready to forgive Ashley'

    Can I ask, has there actually been any dialogue between the NUSC and the club? Can you let me know what was the outcome of the proposals of the 29/10 meeting where you were trying to open a dialogue with Mike Ashley? Where are the minutes for the meeting where it was discussed that this sort of statement was to be issued. With VOTE - Motion Carried?
  13. Klinsmann: diving, cheating wanker and finance guru
  14. My take on the future

    I think our signings during the summer where some of the most positive in recent history. It just imploded with the ridiculous wow signing pledge, and obviously Keegan walking. The fact is if Keegan was on board at the moment we would be skirting the Uefa cup spots. I thought Ashley has rid himself of this worry by putting the club up for sale! If the club is actually going to be sold it matters little to Ashley surely what the payroll looks like. If he can't find a buyer why would he risk selling key players for the sake of 20-30 million when relegation would wipe far far more off that...
  15. Alan Shearer

    "I would be delighted if he wanted to come here two days a week and see for himself what football is all about." I think Joe that Shearer might have some idea what football is about. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/t...ted/7742265.stm

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