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  1. Buy a PC, tight wad! i dont think this is a good bit of advice to give to a bloke like smooth, after having the displeasure of meeting him in wacky's pad a couple of weeks back i'd definately say if this cunt was allowed to own a pc it would only be a matter of time before he went down the same path as our old friend mr gary glitter !!
  2. I can only assume that his goals tally this season keeps you happy? 8 in 6 months is NOT a respectable total for a player of Shearers (now obviously gone) talents. Given the choice of starting this season with Bellamy or Shearer I personally would have the former and would have wished the latter a happy and long retirement. I fear that Shearer for the first time in his career has put his personal ambition (201 and counting) ahead of what is best for NUFC. 95454[/snapback] there's only 1 word to describe people like you who slate shearer... buffoon
  3. wor lasses mate won 100 grand on the national bingo in november last year, now i think she's got the hots for me.. i need some advice, should i give her a piece of the ravtash or leave well alone?
  4. lol beano is the name of my mate who is opening the shop & if his summer barbeques are owt to gan by it'll be top nosh FACT!!
  5. try BEANO'S DELI soon to be opening just doon from the newton boozer..!
  6. aye, its her birthday on thursday & i got here a canny pair of red stilleto's hardly worn for only £2.50.. they are a size 4 & she is a 5 but hopefully she'll squeeze into them..! i hate this time of year, its all money,money,money.. no sooner hav i got wor lasses birthday oot the way & then valentines day comes around.. she's been asking for a new coat & is also hinting for a meal, so it looks like a trip to oxfam or the heart foundation then off to book a table.. know any nice places to eat like smooth? i've heard capabilities is nice..
  7. does anyone agree that these new traffic lights at the new byker shopping centre is a fucking accident waiting to happen? who designed the bastards? either fuckin stevie wonder or jade goody is my guess!! i'd say 99% of the times i've driven down/up the fossway there has been something that could of led to an atroscity.. yesterday for instance after i'd been to "scope" on sheilds road for wor lasses birthday present i was on me way yem wen this fuckin old coffin dodger in a f reg escort cut me up yet again, he must off been at least 100 yrs old & on his way to get his greeting off
  8. i fuckin love lezza's me... been watching a couple of quality dvd's lately & it got me thinking... "could you marry a lezbee freind?" as much as i'd like to hav a bit quality time with a couple i doubt wether it would be practical to actually set up home with 1, wot do you think pop pickers?
  9. i use gillette blue 2.. £3.99 for a pack of 10 at morrisons.. i only shave twice a week, i'm a right hairy twat but also a lazy 1 so if wor lass doesnt like the stubble effect i suggest she fucks off..!!
  10. I'll have you know I'm a proper head board breaker! Was riding a lass last night, from Heaton, had a water bed, must be the only lass in Heaton with a water bed like. Said her bloke was a fetish freak and he like the sound of the waves it made as it reminded him of his childhood floating down the Tyne in his "Moses" basket! 84212[/snapback] If it's the same lass I'm thinking about she doesn't need a water bed to make the sound of waves in the scratcher 84215[/snapback] Aye, she prefers it in the back door to the front cos the front is like a hippo's yawn.
  11. 83383[/snapback] the small demonstration on Saturday is just the start of things 83386[/snapback] wor lass works in the bamborough suite on a matchday & was leaving thru the players entrnce in the heat of battle, she assure's me the average age of these protesters could of only been 14 yrs old.. i mean i uinderstand these kids are our future but i doubt wether it can be classed as a real demonstration..!
  12. watched the first hour of bourne identity on itv2 last neet then fell asleep, seemed a canny show & i've heard its good.. any1 seen it, would u recomend me trying to track a copy down to watch the end?
  13. had a bootleg copy for a while now & i've just ordered the original off play.com, i think they are pure class & with lyrics like "he's not from new york city he's from rotherham" & "although he might wear classic reeboks or knackered converse with trackie bottoms tucked in socks" nobody can take away the fact that they are very up to date & cutting edge.. although i'm not to keen on "the streets" i do think they are the nearest thing to them lyric wise, although its the raw rock n roll style of the monkeys i prefer to the chav like "streets".. best song i've heard from
  14. 83270[/snapback] He heard it quite a few times on the back of the No 12 bus on the way home from school. 83273[/snapback] later to become the no 41 if memory serves me..!
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