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  1. Carlisle United v Newcastle United

    Did you sign up just to put that. Other than the Arsenal game in the FA Cup that was the biggest gate you have had a BP since 1997, that is an indisputable fact. The fact 5000 more people attended yesterday than your average league gate tells me a lot. So by mentioning Arsenal you're already admitting that your first post was wrong. And now it would seem your second FACT is wrong as well bearing in mind we had 13,467 at home to Torquay in 2005-06. On the next FACT that 5,000 more people attended yesterday than our average league gate. There were about 9,200 home fans there on Saturday. Our average gate last season was 7,800. By your maths that would suggest that there is around an average of 3,600 away fans in every League One game at Brunton Park.
  2. Carlisle United v Newcastle United

    The belts are heart rate monitors. "the fact there was 12500 there, Carlisle's largest gate in 10 years in any competition" Incorrect. "proves Newcastle United are still a massive draw for these clubs" Bearing in mind you had over 3,000 there we have had quite a few attendances in the last ten years where there have been more than 9,000 home fans.

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