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  1. As it seems likely we are to sign even more French players presumably the club will be known as Le nouveau chateau s`est uni. Is it any coincidence that the French flag has the same colours and sinilar layout as the Sports Direct logo.
  2. To be fair he has put the club on the straight and narrow. He did right in getting rid of the big earners and has been prima donnas but i disagreed with the sale of Andy Carroll and for me he has blown it big time with the attempt to rename the stadium.
  3. Its a disgrace that Ashley is destroying our History and heritage it shows nothing but contempt for the club and the fans. So what is a sponsorship deal brings in ten million nobodys exactly queing round the block to sign up, its just a cheap gimmick to promote his company. Sports direct.com at St James` Park was just about acceptable but to drop the name completly is not. And just suposing a sponser did come up with the cash the ground could end up being called any sort of daft name, Sorry but this is the equivalent of the 30 pieces of silver. And what next change of team colours/
  4. Seems we have aquired yet another French player with Gabriel Obertan are our owner and his henchmen trying to improve thier French? So he has come via Manure and apparently speaks English but we have been down this road before they come with promise and the rest as they say is history meanwhile the English players are being shipped out by the bucketload. No matter how good ANY foreign player is we are going down the road of other premierhip clubs and loosing any trace of local identity. What sense of loyalty an they owe the club when some can hardly speak any English. I am not trying to
  5. Ashley bought the club on a whim he thought other millionaires own football clubs so i will get one. He stuck a pin in a map and we drew the short straw. To be totally fair the finances of the club were in dire straits and there is a very good chance we would have gone bankrupt. Ashley has largely sorted this out and has put a lot of his own money in, if it were you would yo have done the same? BUT As to where he has gone wrong well where do you begin no point in repeating it all as we all know the answers to that one. He should have bought in local experience somebody or some group th
  6. Agree with this. Got it in one. Agree with all points.
  7. pertoon

    Carroll Poll

    It was the kids first full season! I think the best is yet to come from him and he'll be a fantastic player. When we have £20m in the bank and Carlton Cole up front, we'll miss Carroll. Dont the dickheads that run our club realise that at 22 he is at least 3 years off his peak. At the very least he should have stayed untill the summer. He could have been one of our greatest players. Three years from now he will be worth 50 million plus now he will be scoring for those smug scousers wheras us e i e i e i o Back to the Championship we go if not this season then definatly next
  8. There are a number of issues here Given was badly treated by the club and should have been shown more respect. When he went to Man City it was on a 3 year contract. Its dificult for goalkeepers as there can only be one so not much room for manouvere just look at how long Harper played second fiddle to Given. When he pushed out Joe Hart at Man City did it bother him, though in hindsight it probably did Hart a favour as it gave him the chance to shine at Birmingham City. Having said that he went to Man City on the understanding he would be number 1 keeper. The big issue here is
  9. They are the worst noise i have ever heard and totally destroy the atmosphere of the game (yes i know youre thinking what atmosphere?) But i am TOTALLY 100% in favour of a ban and while we are at it i would ban the flashing / chasing ad boards as well even on TV they distract you from watching the game. Best quote about the vuvuzellas was from a mate of mine who said they drown out all the shouts of Didnt you see that ref you must be F*****G blind.
  10. Well we are through to the third round of the Carling cup AND top of the league so heres to both.
  11. So Coca cola league 1 here we come - at this rate are we going to have ANYONE left by September 1st.
  12. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Have i missed something WHAT Big money signing????????????????
  13. Reckon the chants of Get out of our club you cocky fat bastard will do the trick? And the Shearer chants didnt hear one mention of Chris Haughton though he should get some credit for todays game (Would be interesting to know if he is still using Shearers training programe which he was doing when he first took over again) Still room for improvement but much better than some recent performances. If we could have played like that last season we would have stayed up. Long way to go yet though main thing is to get the ownership debacle sorted out FAST.
  14. Krul was briliant without a doubt. Could never understand why he hast been given more of a chance before after the Palermo game. Never rated Harper he can save a ball if its gifted to him but he is far to wooden and imobile for the Premiership ( or the Championship ).
  15. I felt most sorry for our illustrious team who didnt fancy slumming it on what no doubt would have been a luxury coach for a five hour drive to Dundee. Those of us not on around 50k a week have to slum it for hours on coaches or trains to travel around the country for what has become of late the dubious pleasure of seeing our lads in action. Living in the Midlands it takes me 4 hours by train to get to Newcastle and a second mortgage to buy the ticket. Out of curiosity i enquired once about the cost of flying though from Birmingham there is only a Business airline cost £350.00. Onhce y
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