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  1. My Newcastle postcode says otherwise. NE postcodes like they carry any weight. Wooler is 48 miles from the toon and that's NE71. By any definition people from Washington are known and accepted as mackems. Did you go to skewl or skool? Honest answer. Skol, are you from Washinton? Mackem territory, I'm afraid.
  2. Bastards. The place I'm flying too (not Genk), is this like industrial town, and I don't fancy staying there for 5 days, when theres the Formica across the road from me hoose, here.
  3. Supposed to be going to Genk (In Belgium) on the 12th of July. My mate (who I'm staying with), says he's having back surgery on the 10th ( he only found out after I'd booked the flights). I'm going with my lass, and altogether, it only cost us 135 quid return, since the accommodation was free. Obviously, he's still going to be in hospital when we go over, and I've only booked time off work for the short break we were having, so can't really change the dates we fly and come back. Was wondering, if Ryanair would let me change the desitnation of the flight, and make it a very short break, a
  4. You really feel strongly about this don't you Howay lads, lets bring the tempo down..
  5. Surely worth highlighting....? Don't know what you mean ! How did you manage THAT?? Time machine.... 1.21 gigawatts?? Aye you need that to power the fluxcapacitor. And plutonium tbh
  6. Coming on posting that people in this thread are wankers and spackers is hardly a great contribution either though is it? I know, however, they might see the error of their ways and stop posting in this farce of a thread
  7. Fair few wankers on here I see. The complete spacker ratio on this thread, and the fact that it's thirty three pages raises questions over whether some people should go to N-O, fulltime.
  8. According to the le ronnie gill. Freddy’s joy at Owen deal Jun 25 2007 by Alan oliver, Evening Chronicle FREDDY SHEPHERD will decide today whether to stay on as chairman of Newcastle United – fresh from securing a £10m deal with FIFA and the FA over the Michael Owen affair. Shepherd’s battle for what he considered a just claim for compensation for Owen, after the United striker was injured playing for England in the World Cup 12 months ago, has been overtaken by events at St James’ Park and pushed into the background. But even though he has been ill, the United chair
  9. I'm not that arsed tbh Nah, but Stevie is Nah seriously, this is dull as dishwater.
  10. Alex Francis? He'd know sweet fuck all! My mate Cavener has just been released from the academy last month, and not once did he ever give me any ITK information, about from the rumours that were circulating the reserves at the time, which were the equivalent of play ground talk. If that is your source-
  11. Gemmill man, I go to Van Gogh, just down from Billy Mill. I've always had a suspicion she's not as nearly qualified as she makes out.
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