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  1. Aye. Puts me off football. When it makes you feel this depressed, I think its time for a break. Sick of thinking about NUFC, like its my sick child or something, emotionally draining.
  2. ...is that, when Luque had the chance to move to to PSV in January, HE declined the transfer at the last minute, due to a difference of twelve grand in his pay packet over there. The deal was for two years, and had all been agreed. 12 grand, or the chance of your 'career' back?
  3. Cretinous safety winks \o/ Why would I need safety from a spacker like you? wow
  4. Cretinous safety winks \o/ Why would I need safety from a spacker like you?
  5. Cos' real fans don't wear replica tops People over the age of 18 who wear football shirts to the match need culled tbh When you start going to the games, then you can comment on who needs 'culled'.
  6. Cos' real fans don't wear replica tops
  7. Download Power Tab. To create and listen back to riffs, and songs you've created. Also use it to play in time with other songs, as its like kareoke for guitarists.
  8. About the same place as us without Martins? We've been without Owen, Zog, Duff, Babayaro, Carr, Moore, Ameobi, Emre, Given etc Not quite the same is it?
  9. Don't Forget The Fanny Batter, Mum. Stop! This Fanny Batter is not Ready Yet! The Starving Africans Breakfast. Starving Africans Not Included. Strong and Beautiful, Just Like Cheap Whores. Designed for Cheap Whores, Engineered to Last. Cheap Whores Born and Bred.
  10. Where the fuck would spurs be without Berbatov?
  11. In my rage, I've posted the twat in the wrong forum! Grr
  12. Please beat those fuckers.
  13. Was just wondering how you fellas/ladies, react to certain things toon related. When we score...? Do you go mental, clenching your fists and saying 'geddin'? Do you quietly and meekly smile, knowing the score won't last forever? Or does it depend on the game/scoreline? When we lose...? Does it affect you for the full weekend, do you avoid the news/MOTD. Do you radge at the wife/lass/boyfriend? Or do you simply prepare for the defeat before hand, and you just shrug your shoulders? Does the toon winning make your week, or weekend? Or can you switch off at work?
  14. Anyway, that means he'll be even cheaper, when we get him in, in July:D
  15. Go fuck yourself you twat. I knew you were going to post something of that nature Jon, I saw you hovering around the thread You love me, though Jon, I know you do
  16. Nice one. Seems like a few lads off here going. I'll be travelling with Back Page, never done me wrong so far.
  17. I'm glad this threads ended up a bit light hearted. Got a bit intimidated by the harsh words by GM and the N-O contingent, who are blatantly red faced!
  18. North Tyneside Or we'll see Stevie fuck you up!
  19. Just thinking last night, how, on a forum of this size, and with alot of people from the same area, whats the likelihood, that we know each other, through somebody else etc... Well I'm from North Shields, went to Norham High from 97-2001/2, then did Tynemouth College from 2002-2004. Anyone know anyone from these places and times? It'll probably fall on its arse, but its worth a punt like
  20. If you check, I posted the convo first:D FACT Anyway, I'm sorry mate. Honestly Why do I do this? I PUSH ALL OF FRIENDS AWAY! I hate myself
  21. Apparently it works both ways. Like that lovely conversation that was sent to me today, even though I hadnt once slipped the lads name in that told me. And I wasnt going to. But tit for tat tbh. Who in God's name could you possibly be referring to? I'm struggling to decipher it! THE HUMANITY! And? That was AFTER you had a hissy fit on msn
  22. Anyone else going to this one? I know its early, but we had a bit of a meet up at Wigan, and It would be cracking to get a few more lads of here involved. I've never been to Sheff U away, whats the atmos like? The locals? The area?
  23. Apparently it works both ways. And whom have I judged apart from a forum? (and i said in my original thread i didnt know if it was true or not) Pardon?
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