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  1. Boum's double agony

    Doesn't it seem a little bit unlikely though? Though if its true then he definatley has an excuse but it did seem like he played well vs west ham
  2. Souness/McLeish staying??

    Aren't chairmen always deying that they're about top sack someone and promptly doing so? I can't see McLeish staying at Rangers long past christmas but likewise there are dozens of choices that Rangers have before Souness, sadly for us.
  3. Boost for Saturday.....

    nah, once Dyer is back we'll be just as good. That is if Dyer ever stays fit for more than 3 consecutive games. We still need someone to replace Shearer though.
  4. General Random Conversation..

    hello everyone I'm new as that's the case I'll prbably stop posting in three days

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