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  1. These rumours get worse...

    She's any one of the last three signed up users tbh 65847[/snapback] I'm all 3, but it wouldn't let me log in with those, i don't know how to delete them if i can't get into them. 65850[/snapback] I smell bullshit! 65856[/snapback] i've posted these 2 back to front, if it was bullshit, then i'd use the first one to get in I don't need 3. Final Goodbye.
  2. These rumours get worse...

    Well im off now, i hope you grown men can find something more worthy of talking about. Happy Holiday
  3. These rumours get worse...

    She's any one of the last three signed up users tbh 65847[/snapback] I'm all 3, but it wouldn't let me log in with those, i don't know how to delete them if i can't get into them.
  4. These rumours get worse...

    65783[/snapback] Well hello all, i not long ago PM'd Craig, saying i wouldn't be as sad as Alex, to go on another board and bitch on and on. However, i thought i might as well be that sad, as i have plenty of time on my hands here at college. I thought I'd rectify a few made up/modified comments to suit peoples purposes in this thread. I also thought I'd go one better, and make my name Joss Stone on this board Just as Alex plans to change his avatar to Joss Stone, which will really make me loose sleep Did Testa Mora spew on about how everyone should boycott watching Live 8 as it was hypocritical for rich pop stars to take part in such events when they should just give their money to Africa directly, and then admit that she watched it all? No. I really think you need to get yourself back to the archive, you've modified what was actually said. I watched it because, if i didn't, how could i possibly judge? It would be hypocritical to criticise it, if i didn't watch it. i just didn't think it was the best method and still don't think its the best method to overcome poverty in Africa, do we actually know what change has happened since Live 8? Not much been said about it. Yes, i don't like Joss Stone and I'm the only person who doesn't. ''I could excuse the arrogance, bad taste in clothes and pretentions if she could actually sing but no, she just sounds like she is putting it on.'' - Vogue. Sums her up for me. Renton, when did you tell me i was silly little naive girl who turns on the water works (yes i cry on a forum apparently) ''to my face''? Don't have any pm's from you, i don't seem to know you in real life either. Here is the PM i sent to Craig. Alex is an arsehole who seems to have nothing better to do but follow my posts to act up on them. My arm and George Best have what in common exactly? Not sure what he is getting at. If he is trying to say, i make something up according to a new thread, than why haven't i posted about hamstring troubles, groin injuries, breaking my hand and getting it pinned, back troubles, shoulder injuries? Just like there is 100's of threads every other time. I don't like Joss Stone lol Same as a lot of other people, i wasn't aware i had to like her. Alex seems to think George Best was the greatest man to ever live, never put a foot wrong, shining example of a human being he was. Why does Alex discuss this? I made it up according to him. Sad Individual. I fail to see how I'm a caffeine addict, when i don't like most sources of it . I was willing to post about it originally, however he continually took the piss, so i didn't bother. Must have way too much time on his hands, not only continually looking for my comments just to have a dig, he posts on another forum about me. He claims i said i knew everything about George Best's situation, rather not, i just gave my insight, because i don't believe alcoholism is a disease, as many others had posted, yet Alex continually decided to keep mine in close check. ''She's not a racist though, she's just misunderstood.'' ''Islamaphobic tbh. I might change my N-O avatar to Joss Stone btw.'' Just for me? He really shouldn't waste his time. As for being racist, it's laughable, Ali, Mohammed and Jamal, Muslim friends of mine (made up of course just for Alex's benefit ), would strongly disagree. Must be one of these white middle aged old men that deems what is racist and what's not. Merry Christmas all ...oh shit scrap that, Happy Holiday Now I'll be off, i thought I'd help ''spice up your board'', obviously nothing much better going on if you've nothing better to discuss than me. OH! Missed something out, i know nothing about football, as do most people on N-O, because they don't all agree with Master Alex. Signed..... naive ignorant, little girl.

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