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  1. Precedent Trump

    Aye Biden is a creepy cunt, Trump calls him sleepy Joe and I think creepy Joe. For whatever reason Trump is basically immune to any issues from the fact he’s a massive pervert, the whole “you just grab them by the pussy” thing got the bloke who was listening to him say it fired from his job as host of the Today show (George Bushes relative as well) yet didn’t impact his election chances in the slightest. The bloke can say something, he recorded saying it, and then attack someone for saying exactly the same thing and his support will lap it up. I think he will win the next election, the tits on the democratic side are already saying they won’t vote for Biden since Yang / Bernie didn’t get the nomination, so it’ll be a repeat of Hillary. His support base were legitimately blaming the Democrats for holding up the stimulus package despite the reason for the push back being the Republicans were bundling in abortion bans to a fucking financial stimulus bill.
  2. Coronavirus

    They’ve closed the car parks near all parks in my town. There’s a baseball field across the road from my block of flats, some huckle goes there and smokes a cigarette in the car park there (usually see him when I’m waking my dog around the field). So now it’s closed he just pulled up in the parking spot under my flats balcony with some horrific music blaring out his Audi and stood in the car park smoking, serial killer behavior this. The bloke needs to man up and own up to his other half that he smokes before I egg the weird cunt.
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    Made by the same bellends that made the Maradona documentary where they altered him talking about nearly joining Sheffield United to say it was Sunderland iirc? The fact that they are willing to be that unprofessional, yet the club they love still come out of this looking like a bunch of incompetent tits shows how bad it must really be.
  4. Precedent Trump

    It’s so spectacularly badly written, and scary that he really puts things like press in quotation marks. There is surely something wrong with him, he doesn’t even seem to realize that he WAS impeached but just subsequently acquitted by his mates. I honestly can’t listen to him talk anymore, he’s such a fucking moron but a moron that has an arrogance like no one else in the world. I hope they really do get him on something one day, at this point I’m convinced he deserves jail time for his handling of all of this, saying New York moved slow yet he was the one telling everyone to stop complaining as the 15 cases in the US would become 0 a few days later. Fucking bitch.
  5. Coronavirus

    I really hope people keep up the pressure long after this is done. What Trump is doing over here is seriously crossing a line, reports are that California received 170 broken ventilators, yesterday Illinois received 300k masks which Trump bragged about - the ask was for N95 masks which they received none of, all 300k were simple surgical masks, reports that items NYC asked for are turning up in New Jersey and vice versa, both receiving far less than asked. In contrast to all these Dem states, Florida has received double of everything it requested despite not being identified as a hot spot yet, conveniently it’s a swing state. He is also refusing to speak to the Gov of Michigan, referring to her as a nasty woman, and has said that states like NY, NJ, CT, CA, etc have to be nice to him to get what they are requesting. At some point this has to be crossing into dereliction of duty at the very least.
  6. Precedent Trump

    He’s honestly just a complete fucking wanker. I can’t see it as being possible that there’s been a leader of a country that’s more out of touch with things than he is, going on about how big TV ratings are for his fucking coronavirus briefings for fuck sake man. I’d already gotten to the point where when people try and give you the uncomfortable ‘don’t talk about Trump because this person in our presence supports him’ I’d ignore them and keep bashing him, but honestly after this I’m going to question if they’ve got fucking rocks in their head. I’d honestly be more comfortable if someone put a random primary school child in charge.
  7. Coronavirus

  8. Coronavirus

    Also So GM don’t even own that facility, he also tagged the wrong General Motors twitter handle the one he tagged seems to be dormant or a cyber squatter. Wanker.
  9. Coronavirus

    If only there was an emergency power he could use to force them to start producing essential items needed. Oh aye there is but the stupid CUNT won’t sign it as he said he doesnt need too as many companies are ringing him saying they’re going to produce things, and he doesn’t want to force any nationalization (he then acted as if this wasn’t just a temporary emergency measure, it was as if he signs this they’d just always be forced by the govt). Even if the companies did agree to do it off their own back it would mean there was a bidding war from states on an open market, rather than the alternative which would force them to sell to the fed at cost plus who could then distribute to states. It’s almost as if trying to profiteer and prop up stock market numbers isn’t the right way to manage a pandemic. I would say I feel bad hoping he gets it, but honestly he’s already laughed at the thought of Romney getting it during a fucking live press conference, and through his actions (or lack thereof) putting untold amounts of lives at risk. There are nurses in Mt Sinai hospital in Queens (where this abomination of a person was born) dying from COVID as they’re using fucking bin liners as PPE, and he gives NYC 400 out of the national 20,000 stockpile of ventilators after saying on tv that they’d get what they need and he won’t be accepting anything from China or South Korea.
  10. Coronavirus

    Absolute fucking scum. I honestly can’t do anything but laugh at this point, they really are tv style bad guys.
  11. Coronavirus

    Aye, a lot of people really don’t seem to grasp that this is an emerging threat and act like exponential curves just aren’t a thing. Over here a lot are referencing a statistic that more die on average per year from automobile accidents, which is complete bullshit stats, you cant compare a historical average to a currently emerging threat, going off that you could have said at one point World Wars 1 and 2 weren’t a big deal as at one point in time they had less deaths than other wars. Seeing this sort of shit all the time, time to log off Facebook:
  12. Coronavirus

    Aye, he’s honestly sub human scum. I thought he had some sort of idea behind being president (not saying his goals would have been good just thought he had some), but this has made it pretty clear his entire reason is simply to be president and he’s going to aim for that regardless of the human cost. Personally getting worried, two staff at the supermarket across the street have just tested positive today. My wife is newly pregnant (we had our first scan pushed back to an undetermined date which has made her even more anxious worrying about not getting prenatal care or even if the baby is okay at this point) and evidently they don’t have much insight into the effect on first trimester, her mother has lupus (and is struggling to get her medication as there’s a shortage of it as it’s one that is rumoured to be a possible medicine against this), and this absolute fucking fat piece of shit has completely reverted to pretending like this is no big deal. He’s apparently been referring to it in past tense, and saying we’ve learnt a lot from it, absolutely staggering. I’ve never liked him but this has pushed me to a point of fucking despising him, if he does do what he’s threatening and it has the predictable dire consequences he should be brought up on fucking charges, or war crimes seeing as he was acting like he was a general in a war at the weekend. I agree with everything Rappaport said in his rant, if people re elect this piece of shit after this I’ve given up hope with people. There’s also a billionaire who owns that hobby lobby chain store who has said they need to keep working the staff and there will be no sick pay for those who get it, I’m not normally one to push for things like this but when/if we make it through this we need some drastic fucking overhaul, as these billionaires have basically all turned their backs so it’s high time we cracked down on the cunts and stopped acting like they’re hero’s that deserve all their ungodly fortunes because they brought some fucking jobs to the table for fuck sake.
  13. Coronavirus

    Nah, Newark isn’t even the worst in New Jersey, that dubious honour goes to Camden.
  14. Coronavirus

    Aye, terrifying place.
  15. Coronavirus

    I live in New Jersey, about 20 mins drive from NYC. The Governor of NJ gave a shelter in place order on Saturday, which seems to be pretty much in line with the lockdown back home. My company has had all offices in the US closed for just over a week now as our NYC office has had a pretty big outbreak (get daily emails with new cases saying what floors of the building they had visited), and we are closed until April 30 at earliest. Must admit I’m not sure what Trumps idea about reopening everything means, he himself hasn’t really done much in the way of closures it’s really been up to states, but I don’t know if they have the power to remain that way or if he can overrule them and force them to lift these lockdowns. I think New York is getting out of hand already so it’ll be far worse in 2 weeks which in Trumps head is when we should reopen. Not many gun nuts around where I live thankfully, but I think Texas are planning to shoot their way out with what their nob head Governor is saying (Trump talked about what a great guy he is in his recent conference). I did just have a call with a lad at work who is super Republican and he actually said he agrees with something that AOC said recently, so maybe there is hope things may change politically but I still hope the Orange doylem currently in charge doesn’t cause complete havoc in the meantime.
  16. Coronavirus

    I believe it, even when he was in the mindset of taking advice from the medical professionals for his speech at the weekend he was still saying he won’t mandate nationwide closures as “each state is different” so even though New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Washington, etc are shutting down other states don’t give fuck. What is also baffling is how these arrogant pricks don’t understand that if people go out and live normal lives, sacrificing anyone that’s old or compromised, it won’t be long until those in other groups are desperately needing ventilators to stay alive as the hospitals become overwhelmed. What exactly does he think will happen to the economy when that happens? He simply doesn’t give a flying fuck, all he wants is the stock market to be up when it’s election time, outside of that nothing matters. If this doesn’t open people’s eyes to voting in animals like this then nothing will. If he ignores all the medical professionals advice the fall out is going to be fucking horrific, apparently Dr Fauci has been stopped from attending any further press briefings as Trump finally clicked on that Fauci didn’t agree with him.
  17. Coronavirus

    https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/03/24/politics/donald-trump-coronavirus-strategy/index.html Trump has seemingly lost his patience. If he succeeds this is going to be horrific, genuinely hope NJ ignores the fucking buffoon but I doubt it’d make much difference. If people still elect him after this I give up with people ffs.
  18. Rona Recommends

    I’ll take a look for it. Although this doc is getting really depressing at this point so maybe this will be my fill of this blokes saga
  19. Rona Recommends

    Which podcast was that? It says a lot about how mental they all are that this Joe Exotic bloke probably isn’t even the worst one.
  20. Rona Recommends

    Tiger King on Netflix. True crime documentary about this bloke: It follows him and others in the American private zoo business, they’re all absolutely fucking mental and a bunch of total cunts. We watched the Jinx before watching this which I also highly fookin recommend but I know plenty on here have seen that.
  21. I forgot this was when it was called sportsdirect.com @ at St James’ Park, just saw the branding of that on the advert hoarding, what a load of tripe that is, further reminder in one of our most exciting games in recent times of how much of a cunt Ashley is.
  22. Fuck sake 2 down already. Colo played Walcott onside for the first. Dreadful marking on the 2nd
  23. Coronavirus

    The Governor of New Jersey has established a curfew of 8pm until 5am, and told all non-essential business (so gyms, cinemas, race courses etc) to close including bars, restaurants can remain open but only for take out and delivery. My work shut all offices as of tomorrow. The oddest rule is the supermarket near me is only allowing you to shop there on even days if your surname begins with A through M, and odd days if it’s N through Z, unless you’re over 55 in which case you can go any day and the first two hours of the day are for over 55s only. Meanwhile Trump said don’t gather in groups of 10 or more
  24. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Nice to see what I wrote after a few whiskeys. I stand by it though, bunch of mugs.

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