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  1. It’s fucking incredible pundits will still just say he’s doing a good job lazily, clearly not even knowing our current form or where we are in the league. The way Jenas was fucking clearly fuming when Jake Humphries challenged him on his lazy bullshit spoke volumes “but they’ll still be in the PL if they finish 17th” “is that what Newcastle fans should be happy with? Just finishing 17th” “you’d have been happy with that as a Norwich fan” so throws out a lazy dig about Norwich but also this ridiculous assumption that just because you’re not currently competing at the top of the league you shoul
  2. A young kid from Newcastle that’s apparently a good talent coming on for Manchester United, then the camera turning right to Steve Bruce’s stupid fucking pudding face as the score reads 3-1 sums up Ashley’s ownership.
  3. Fucking dreadful this. Just fire the cunt man
  4. See Ole has said Bruce is doing a good job I know they’re mates, but it shows the complete indifference the media has to every team outside “THE BIG SIX” (most of which aren’t currently in the top 6 spots) that it doesn’t just get fucking ridiculed for saying a bloke taking a mid table side and having them 3 points above the drop zone after 2 years is doing a good job.
  5. I haven’t bothered looking for quotes to support this, but if true isn’t everyone delighted the PL chose to help NUFC fans by taking away the Saudi option? So fucking sick of Ashley, I know that’s nothing new, but just completely throttling a PL club and bleeding it. How can they possibly say we’ve got no money available to spend we spent a decent amount for Ashley’s NUFC, but it wasn’t a massive splurge by PL standards.
  6. Aye, I mean it’s clear as day he’s a football journalist that knows absolutely nothing about football. He couldn’t see that Bruce’s dreadful two decade long managerial career was probably a good indicator that he wouldn’t do a good job here, so it stands to reason that he sees no problem with ignoring the last two seasons as an indication he’s not up to is. I know he’s sticking up for Bruce as he’s pally with him, but I think if everyone just started treating it like he genuinely thought all this stuff rather than giving him the out of sticking up for a pal it makes him look more of a tosser.
  7. The journalists are going awfully quiet about this all of a sudden. It’s not something any of us particularly wanted to be right about, but the bloke wasn’t suddenly going to turn into a high calibre manager at the tail end of an underwhelming managerial career ffs. Edwards is one of the lead twats in the attacks on the fans over Bruce, and he deserves all the “we told you so” that are coming his way, hopefully once everyone has got it through their system we can all put the stupid cunt on ignore and not read his fucking rubbish, maybe then someone that actually wants to be a NE football repor
  8. You can see how this Company is going to be 20 times the size soon, getting on the shelves of #elite #british #shops like Heron foods at a price point like that #watchoutredbull #richenergymackems #paupers #British #business #pedoworshippers
  9. richenergycoc btw what is with all these weirdos that tweet things like that? I’ve never had a product and then made some announcement that I’m never drinking the competing products again. Get a grip ffs
  10. It’s honestly the most baffling thing about Ashley. We know he doesn’t give a fuck as long as the team manage to stay in the PL, but his constant desire to do it as cheaply as fucking possible to such an extreme that it becomes a gamble is just bizarre. I know Bruce comes cheap for a PL manager but surely the cost between him and a more competent manager, like Howe, would barely be noticeable on the books of a PL club and it would be far less of a gamble. How is the saving of what is likely around £1m or so a year worth this level of risk? Especially as like you point out this wouldn’t be the
  11. The only thing Bruce cares about now is that potential pay off tbh, he probably replays Allardyces voicemail message on his phone after Alex reads the Twitter abuse to him “ohhhh I bought mesel a real fuckin Casa after those cunts give Big Sammy the boot, listen here Steve you just got to make sure you blame them for everything. Blame the fookin players if you have too, do that and you’ll be tanning your kite on Benidorm fucking beach in no time alright? It’ll be fookin glorious, spend a month in your speedos then get back sharpish ready to milk the next struggling club. Anyways these fookin p
  12. I don’t really get the agenda here by them two? Are they hoping to turn media and national sentiment against NUFC fans due to some random knackers on twitter? I hardly see how that’s going to help anything at all. His dad is doing a fucking dreadful job, so the pressure from fans isn’t going anywhere despite how many times idiots like Savage and Sutton bleat on about him doing a good job and over inflated fan expectations because I simply put no stock or respect into their opinions. Then on the flip side you’re not going to win over any NUFC fans via sympathy here as you’re again just seemingl
  13. Sky high expectations. The pundit just said Chelsea look a lot more solid than Newcastle at the back. These blokes get paid for this level of analysis.
  14. Anytime I watch Emil Krafth it makes the decision to just get rid of Yedlin even more staggering. Not saying I rate Yedlin, but at least he had pace, Krafth doesn’t even have that ffs. They paid money for this bloke didn’t they?
  15. Fair play to Brucey for keeping a similar formation and just swapping Gayle in for Wilson btw.
  16. I thought similar about the squad registration when I saw that story, I thought the only way we could register players is if there was some ‘emergency’ dispensation given. Much like the one we should have got when all our goalkeepers were injured, but it turns out that our crack admin team, of Lee Charnley and his favorite pencil case, had registered Karl Darlow before sending him back to Nottingham Forest on loan meaning we technically had a non-injured registered goal keeper on the books, so we had to play Jak Alnwick in nets.
  17. Essentially a free hit for Brucey this one, should just replace Wilson with Gayle and give it a go. Instead I expect he will change the formation, play Joelinton, and try to sit back while Tuchels lot dismantle us.
  18. The bloke is class tbh, just casually makes up that he brought in the ex-CEO of Sainsburies to work for him. Absolutely no fucking shame, then what’s his next move? To just make up some values and attribute them to the bloke . That’s also a hell of a fucking leap the bloke would be making “yeah so I think your company will be twenty times it’s current size soon”, to be worth that they’d have to almost monopolize the British energy drink market also, didn’t he sponsor Haas for somewhere around £60m? so he sponsored something for more than this imaginary quoted valuation that he’s bragging abou
  19. The media will write it off as being the pressure and expectation that come with a job with the history of success that one has. Completely ignoring the fact last season was the clubs first title in the PL era, and I know football didn’t start in 1992 but if your club hasn’t won a title for nigh on 30 year the fact the fan base is expecting one is delusion.
  20. Complete cunt of a bloke tbh. He had no clue about the takeover and was too arrogant to admit it, so now he’s absolutely fucking desperate for the takeover to not happen the bitter little loser. Not sure if anyone actually reads his shite now but any of our lot should unfollow and not read his tat.
  21. Must be hard for the press at the minute. When we disliked Pardew it was only because we wanted someone from the area, since then we’ve also disliked having Carver and Bruce, so now it’s twisted to unrealistic expectations, yet we’re 4th bottom - but what can we expect with this squad? Even though the squad wasn’t a problem to them when Benitez was in charge. The bloke should have went when we were brushed aside by Brentford at the latest, having him still here is a ridiculous fucking risk and if we do stop up and Ashley let’s him have a go at trying to scrape up next season then Ash
  22. Add to the fact there were elements to their own support who literally made similar remarks to that same bloke. I genuinely don’t know why whenever stuff like this comes out they immediately feel the need to try and take some high ground over us, that support base supported a guy who was diddling a little girl, racially abused the mother of their best player, and again have made similar death threat comments to the same bloke they’re sticking up for. Pedo supporting cunts.
  23. Agreed, the bloke is a complete wanker. It’s come out of fucking nowhere this, and while I’ve no doubt there probably are fucking idiots on Twitter that come out with shite about him, the same idiots are doing it about anyone remotely in the public eye. I’m of course not condoning it, but it’s just the way social media is, and this is just Bruce yet a-fucking-gain giving his pals in the media a stick to attack Newcastle fans. It wouldn’t surprise me if he knows the team have been on a decent run of form, pressure off a little, but he knows with Wilson out and Chelsea then Manchester
  24. Methven was electric in that Netflix series btw. The way he just breezed into an office that literally looked like a company currently being liquidated, and assumed the middle aged lass probably making barely more than she would make counting the inventory at Iceland should have the motivation towards her job equal to that of a coked up Lehman Brothers banker in the 1980’s. Then to compound this magical disaster of a relationship it turns out for all his arrogance and bluster all of his ideas are complete and utter dog shit, while he shrugs each tragic idea off with a “just throwing it out the
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