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  1. Other games 2019/2020

    Aye, seems a hell of a talent, and a bit of a odd one as well remember him saying something about how he was going to take the ball home and treat it like his girlfriend after his first hat-trick for Salzburg.
  2. Missed this, fucking chuffed to beat that lot.
  3. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    Aye true enough. Was giving him the benefit of doubt that ASM on the counter was the tactic, in all reality it probably was the exact same lack of ideas with the exception of ASM’s pace and dribbling creating breaks, free kicks and corners from nothing.
  4. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    That attempt at a shot by Joelinton ffs. In fact most of our shots recently have been like that, weak as piss and mis hit, it’s almost like the training methods have declined recently. The amount of injured players also originates from the shite training. Playing Lejuene this often after injury is mental and it’s finally cost us. We’ve just have no real tactic since ASM was injured.
  5. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    Ridiculous lazy ball along the back by Lejuene. ffs he’s just done it again
  6. Fucking hell, what an utter shite appointment.
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    I like that they are so tone deaf through their obsession that they don’t see how fucking weird calling us being 9th in the PL glorious is. Aye, you’s definitely have the high ground lads
  8. mackem messageboard gold

    That clip never fails to make me laugh.
  9. mackem messageboard gold

    We’ll always have the clip of fat lass going “weeeyuh in the premieeer leeeague not the championship” with her club tie on though.
  10. mackem messageboard gold

    Aye same as quiff. A few years ago, despite my dislike for them, I wouldn’t have wished it on them, but they have been so fucking rancid and obsessive towards us in recent years I’m happy to see them gone. The final killer blow will be their kids and grandkids asking for the toon game to be put on tv, so they can watch, not in the hope of us losing but, because they have become.... little maggy cunts.
  11. mackem messageboard gold

    Making his amazing MS Paint avatar available for people to use. It’s great to see they’re still trying to take the high ground about how much better they are than us.
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    They’re surely taking the piss at this point.
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    Warra bunch of losers
  14. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Wank game settled by a dreadful refereeing decision.
  15. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Barnes fouling Carroll there to stop him getting anywhere near that free kick. Ref has been poor.
  16. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Aye, classic dive then just staying down to act like he was actually clipped. I’m surprised at how much this lot dive, Barnes barely goes up for a header he just feels the pressure and falls over.
  17. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    What the fuck were Schar and Dubravka doing there ffs?
  18. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Burnley whinging we didn’t kick it out after having about 3 opportunities to kick it out themselves Also there’s fucking nothing wrong with him.
  19. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    There’s not much point in Atsu starting tbh, he’s okay coming on as a sub when the opposition are a bit tired and he’s able to use his speed, but his decision making etc are so poor that when everyone is just as fresh as he is he offers very little. That Ashley Barnes may actually go down easier than Salah and Mane do ffs.
  20. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Ashley Barnes first half flies into a header leading with the elbow clattering into Schar “no menace in it you can tell”. Carroll second half same thing “you can see he knows what he’s doing just flies in wrecklessly he knows Mee is there, could have easily been a red card” the odd bit is Barnes is way more of a cunt and far more likely to do something like that as well.
  21. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Should have probably been a foul but the ref gave a corner instead. Shite defending, bollocks.
  22. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Poor game overall by both sides this. Shame Almiron and ASM are out as I think they’d be running their full backs ragged.
  23. So the rest of the kit will still be Puma? Jerseys ffs.
  24. mackem messageboard gold

    “Hope all those items are off the budget menu boys, the per diem on away days doesn’t cover the full menu, if you want that it’s coming out of your pay cheque.”
  25. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Bruce has done well, certainly a lot better than I thought he would. It hasn’t changed my mind on his ability level though. The thing is though I’ve seen it said from the mackems and the media etc along the lines of ‘what does Bruce have to do to win them around’ etc, but he wasn’t the problem. He’s never been the one I (and I would hazard to guess many other fans) were bothered about, nowt changes until Ashley fucks off, that’s why I’ve never been arsed about wanting rid of Bruce or getting on his back. Ashley persists as the rot in this football club. If Bruce maintains this sort of form until January, or until the summer his reward would be lack of investment, we will never capitalize on momentum. We have somehow managed to assemble the best centre back group the club has had in my lifetime, I’m pretty certain any of Lejuene, Lascelles, Schar, Fernandez, or Clark would get a starting spot (or at very worst be the main backup) in basically all the squads we’ve had in the PL era, will we build around that? No, that’s why Bruce doesn’t matter and that’s why I’ve never been arsed about him short of calling him a shit manager. Good for him though and I’m taking nothing away from him, even if the wheels fall off at some point he’s still likely on track for one of his best seasons in management. Again though the problem will persist.

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