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  1. Frank Lampard

    I agree, Lampard has had the most shots in this tournament and hasnt scored shite...get rid of the fucker and Beckham whose only use is bringing money in the team rather than the ability of playing football and the fact that Sven's 2 shit scared to drop him because he prob fancies him...Beckam is only good with dead balls period...lampard is only good for Chelsea because of all the class players around him that make it easy 4 him...bring on Lennon and carrick... Stevie Gerrard and Rooney by far the best English players
  2. who the hells Maw Fever!!

    lol, what's the other popular games then? besides from the old classic 'Pacman'
  3. who the hells Maw Fever!!

    none dude ! I only play pacman (aint got time 4 other games) and anyway I stole his title lol he was the champ of pacman Im sure hes been losing some sleep over it (lol)
  4. who the hells Maw Fever!!

    ok, how do I do that lol this is my 1st time posting messages etc I only play the games now and again
  5. who the hells Maw Fever!!

    lol...true we might have to suggest that to the admin or who ever :-)
  6. who the hells Maw Fever!!

    who the hells Maw Fever!! he's obviously got too much time on his hands top score for nearly every game!! lol

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