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  1. midcuk

    Mackem mates

    fyp ?? ok im blonde i admit it ! and soo much love on here isnt there tee hee
  2. midcuk

    Mackem mates

    everyone should have a makem friend ! i know you "pure bloods" say you shouldnt fraternise with the enemy but i grew up with a couple and what better way to spend an evening when you are bored than makem baiting, they all bite no matter what you say its just soo much fun (because they know they will never win any argument) so they shout ! its fun !
  3. midcuk

    Mackem mates

    im from chester so its pretty much 50/50 so a lot of my mates are makems (ahh bless they know no better), been out round sunderland its A really good nite out and much cheaper than the toon, besides im kinda glad ive got makem mates they have got me a ticket for saturday ! pity its in their end mental note dont cheer when we stuff them tee hee
  4. every one should chill a little banter / piss take is part of life as long as its in "good humour" people should take it that way wot gets me going is how PC the government is trying to be about things , bend over backwards for a minority that claims they have been called ******* yet if its the other way round its ok! imagine if you said you wanted a school to be all christian or all white there would be war on. im not racist i just think the rules shoud be for all or none ! seems to be dependant on colour or ability ! everyone should respect everyone period !
  5. id go for signing souness ! oh sorry thats not an option ok then its gotta be the wave ! poor sods still recovering now (always happens to people with nowt anyway dont it ) should of moved here years ago n claimed asylum and they woould of been ok tee hee
  6. They wont let you wear skates in the ground like... what about heelies then:) damn card machine broke still waitin for my ticket to come
  7. yup love a bit of atmosphere tee hee
  8. eventually got my ticket woo hoo east stand on the half way line so im happy. thanks guys
  9. choices choices dammit only want one ticket so may be able to get in the east stand better get my skates on
  10. up until recently i have not been able to afford a season ticket (blessing in disguise i think) and have just blagged,borrowed purchased on gate tickets for the game, now i have the cash i dont know where to get a ticket, id kinda like somewhere near the half way line (so i can see properly), the platinum club interests me for the lager status but the "image" lets it down a bit its a bit sterile , the seat next to my mates in sjh l7 is free so i could sit with them but not sure, what do you lot think ! maybe the paddock if there are any spare? yes its doing my nut trying to think which to
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