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  1. Another Graeme souness thread

    Jennifer Aniston for manager tbh
  2. Another Graeme souness thread

    I heard Cliffy has been chosen to replace Jennifer Aniston on the L'oreal adverts
  3. Another Graeme souness thread

    Has anyone ever seen that programme on ITV2, "Sir Cliffy Ahmed's inshirkable desire to sign Robbie Keane, multiplied only by the hideous whiff of his breath" ?
  4. Another Graeme souness thread

    Reminds me of the reasons why I originally got interested in extreme golf, and how I came to reach the heady heights of becoming Runner-up in the East Midlands Extreme Golf invitational, upon which I was presented with a special wreath and a T-shirt bearing the slogan "Tanzo is just slightly too ginger for my liking" by his Holiness Mike Newell.

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