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  1. Well I am leaving tonite....got my dads Digi cam along too so will maintain this thread for my experiences Will logon after some time...need time to get settle there...Till then...plz suggest 1) If u got a better thread name than this. 2) Anyone would like me to cover some topic which interests them. Byeee Tc rocks!
  2. Yes...I like Cottage cheese. Its Indian name is *Paneer* of late it has been very popular. I hav even learnt to make it...getting ready for my USA escapade...Here Mum cooks me food so never set foot in the kitchen Ok now reciepe... Ingredients:-- 1) Milk. 2) 1-2 Tablespoon Yougart. Procedure:-- Bring the milk to boil....and immediately add 2 tablespoons of yougart to it. The milk will tearapart/separate/precipitate drain the remaing water from the mixture. Voila its ready
  3. Irrelevent but they won the Euro and staged the Olympics !!
  4. aaalan


    Haaaaapyyyyyy BirthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyAy RaDDDDDDDggginAAAAAAAAA!!
  5. I genrally go around adressing myself as "Shearer". So if theres some emergency or I am assisting somebody I would say... Shearer Here Do not Fear
  6. Raiderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Lifes gr8 because its eyes new avenues...But a bit immotional because I am leaving behind loads of happy memors of Bombay, Parents, Frens and my Car But its a phase I am looking forward to And wid u here it can be ANYTHING but *Boring and Predictable* 167550[/snapback] you'll go far Enjoy your experiences. xx 167624[/snapback] Thanx Raider hope I leave upto the expectations Btw I promise to keep everyone updated...wheter anyones intersted or not Planning to get a Lappy in a months time after havi
  7. Lolz Craig...U still remember that !! Yes I hav brought enough to last him a life long!!
  8. Haha dont tell me u read all of it Thanx for bouncing it though !!
  9. aaalan


    Hehe or u may be on an offline status too
  10. aaalan


    My apologies Windows Live Messenger is basically just the latest version of MSN Messenger, except with a new name due to a new range of Microsoft software that it is part of. I think anyway 167235[/snapback] ahh thanks Suppose i'll have to get round to doing it sometime 167236[/snapback] I wouldn't be in any rush, MSN 7.5 is better imo 167237[/snapback] Yes 7.5 is brilliant !! Btw MSN running gr8 guns here too !!
  11. Hahaha did u U kno I hav inquired abt the Football football scene there and found out that only the womens team is of professional quality !! I am anything but *SAD* I now hav more chances of making frens wid the football skills
  12. mancccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc-mag TY P.S--ur previous avtar was soo beautiful than this bloke
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